Color Forecast

The Most Talked About Hues for Spring 2013

It’s that time of year to take a look at what the color experts at Pantone have in store for us this upcoming season! This forecast previews the most talked about hues for spring 2013, featuring vibrant variations of brights, as well as, a new palette of neutrals that create both balance and a ton coordinating combinations.

Just like the early signs of spring, it is green all around! Pantone has named Emerald Green 2013’s Color of the Year. It is bold, lively and it radiates a sense of well-being and happiness. You can also add a burst of freshness with Tender Shoots, an exhilarating shade of yellow-green that will create energy and excitement. While you will see a more delicate hue with Grayed Jade, it can be a calming and classic neutral when paired with a bright color.

Fresh and fun citrus shades are still hot for this season. Last year, Pantone named Tangerine Tango their 2012 Color of the Year. The trend continues with a bright new shade of orange, Nectarine, and a cheerful shade of yellow, Lemon Zest.

If April showers bring May flowers, then this spring brings you Red Poppy and African Violet. Warm and positive, red is the color of confidence. While imaginative violet can add a creative spin to many different color combinations. Both of these colors can stand strongly alone but also pair well with other colors to create a bold and fresh palette.

Soothing Dusk Blue makes the list as one of the season’s new and relaxing neutrals. Monaco Blue, a classic color staple, offers a deeper shade to this color forecast. A warmer neutral choice for spring includes Linen. It works as a basic shade that complements any color combination by adding a sense of lightness.

Are you ready to put these colors to work? No problem! I have created a variety of combinations to help illustrate different ways you can pair spring’s hottest colors.

Top Merchandising Tips from the Atlanta Show

Inspiration was all around us at the OneCoast showroom during the Atlanta Winter 2013 show.  There were many eye catching displays that we would like to share with you right now.  Here are just a few of our favorite finds.
Mud Pie
Small merchandising ideas can make a big impact.  In Mud Pie, they featured their Circa Style Mug & Spoon collection hanging by S hooks from a metal towel rod (below left).  Free up your table space and bring your mugs to the wall.  For enchantment under the sea, drape fishing net around your table to showcase your nautical pieces (below right).
Mirror, mirror on the wall, don’t forget to have one around.  Create an area in your store for your fashion scarves and accessories with a mirror.  Your customers will love playing “dress up” that can help lead to a quick sale (below right). How about your floors?  Create interest and whimsy by applying large adhesive stickers to the floors of your store and be sure to tie in the “theme” of each section (below left).
C.R. Gibson
Utilize your product whenever you can within your displays.  In C.R. Gibson, we found three great examples. First, they featured the jill mcdonald kid puzzle collection on floating shelves along with mounting directly to the wall one complete puzzle (below left). Next, the new Dena umbrella pieces are opened and are hanging from the ceiling creating a colorful display (below right).
Lastly, with the new Cid Pear playing cards, each beautifully designed card set is displayed directly to the wall just above the product showcasing all the pieces within each collection (below).
Natural Life
In Natural Life, we love the use of natural products used throughout their showroom.  Our favorite features one long branch hanging from the ceiling with rope.  Then they draped their new Bohemian scarves/headwrap collections from the branch and even hung one banner poster as well to bring the collection together. (below).
Lindsay Phillips
The use of a lattice wall as featured in Lindsay Phillips serves as two purposes.  First, it allows you to create a focal wall.  Second, it allows you to display your products in a fun way.  Below, Lindsay Phillips features their new Cover ups for Spring 2013 hanging directly from coat hooks that have been mounted to the wall.  Paint the back wall a bright, vibrant color and mount white lattice with a white frame around to create a finished, fresh spring look.
Check out all the wonderful displays from our vendors in the OneCoast showroom by visiting our Facebook page – Winter 2013 Atlanta Showroom album.


Meet Our New Vendors – Santa Barbara Design Studio & Olivina

OneCoast is honored to have two new vendors added to our lineup – Olivina and Santa Barbara Design Studio. Read on and learn more about these amazing vendors.
Q: Tell us a little about your company, how long in business, etc.
A: Olivina has been in business for 10 years.  Started in Napa Valley, CA, the line was inspired by our founder and Creative Director’s love of the abundant and beautiful olive orchards that cover that region.  Knowing that olive oil is wonderful, moisturizing base for a body care line, and having been an store owner and a food writer, she wanted to combine her knowledge of what sells in a retail environment, with her love of all things that evoke a sensory experience….like a lush fig or fresh lavender and come up with a premium, high quality line that is also pretty addicting in terms of scents!
Q: What are your product offerings?  What’s unique about your products vs. other manufacturers?
A: We offer all natural bath and body products such as body butters, lotions, hand creams, washes, soaps, etc.  We are proud of the fact that we are Made in the USA, do not contain any “bad” additives such as phalates, or SLS, and are produced to meet Whole Foods Premium approval standards. Combine that with our incredible scent range and beautiful packaging, and you have everything that a retailer could want in a bath and body product offering!
Q: Where do you get your inspirations for new products?
A: Any “sensory” experience can be the inspiration for a new scent or product – a wonderful meal, travel to a new place, etc.
Q: What do you love most about being at the trade shows?
A: Seeing people’s reaction to the product!!  Our body butters are offered to sample and customers put it on and just start raving about how immediately their hands feel softer, look better, etc.  They go crazy for the scents, often running out of places on their hands and forearms to “try” each different scent.
Q: Why do customers love your products?
A: The quality and the scents.  They WORK!  They are incredibly effective AND they smell incredible!! They truly are addictive – we have many retailers who have customers who will buy 6 hand crèmes at a time because they need them in the desk at work, in their car, in the bag, etc….and can’t live without them!
Q: What does the future hold for Olivina?  Maybe a small sneak peek into future product expansions, ideas, etc. 
A: We are working on some incredible holiday items for the second half of the year.  A new scent or two that will evoke the holidays and will, no doubt, become a staple in people’s homes!  We also are working on some gift sets that will combine some of our “best sellers” in terrific, attractive packaging.  STAY TUNED!!!   To view the Olivina Video, CLICK HERE
Q: Tell us a little about your company, how long in business, etc.
A: We started almost by accident.  Ray Markow, our Founder & CEO, hired friends to help him paint his popular ceramics that were first sold at street festivals in the ‘70s.  By 1995 Santa Barbara Ceramic Design had become one of the largest ceramics factories in CA, and its work from the ‘70s & ‘80s is still highly prized by collectors nationwide.  But by 2008, the company once known for painting irises on porcelain had changed.  Santa Barbara Design Studio evolved into a leader in licensed design giftware, producing a full range of products in a broad collection of materials. However, the goal has always been the same – to provide on-trend & stylish gifts with the timeless appeal of truly good design.
Q:  What are your product offerings?  What’s unique about your products offering?
A: Our product range is both deep and wide with a focus on offering gifts for celebrating life’s biggest milestones and most important relationships. Having such a variety of designs and products from some of the industry’s most talented artists means that we can offer our retailers something for every shopper. Best known for our decorative wine glasses, we’ve more recently expanded our gift collections to include jewelry, totes and bags, one of the fastest growing areas in today’s gift market. Then with our candles and keychains… party napkins and wine bags… we truly are unique as “one-stop-shop” for the best in gift and accessories. We’ve got those simply irresistible “must haves” that you want to give AND to get!
Q: Where do you get your inspirations?
A: Our company’s tagline is “We make what we love and we love what we make” and that really sums up our philosophy! We are inspired by the trends and artists and products that inspire us!  We watch what’s happening in fashion and high-end home decor and handmade — here at home and around the world — and then bring that to the gift market so that our customers can enjoy them as well!
Q: What do you love most about being at the trade shows?
A: Spending time with our customers!  It is such a thrill to get one-on-one face time with our customers during the busy trade show months.  We just love getting to hear feedback about the year and the successes they have experienced selling our products!  And of course, showing them our exciting new product releases.
Q: Why do customers love your products?
A: Because we are a company that knows women and gifting!  We make products that women want to have and women want to gift.  We travel the world for inspiration and look for products & designs to create products FOR women.  We have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the market place from coast to coast. Creating on-trend and fashionable products for today and into tomorrow is our passion and it shows!
Q: What does the future hold for Santa Barbara Design Studio?  Maybe a small sneak peek into future product expansions, ideas, etc. 
A: We are always watching out for “what’s next” and looking to find new artists to add to our stable of fabulous collections. There’s not a show season that goes by without us bringing you something brand new and exciting. You can count on some exciting new introductions coming in Summer 2013! In addition to new licenses, we are developing some great new collections from all of your current favorites — like Lolita, Sally Jean and Curly Girl Design, just to name a few — to keep those lines fresh and new for our retailers.  To view the Santa Barbara Design Studio video, CLICK HERE.