Spring Cleaning Your Social Media Accounts

Spring is the perfect season for a fresh start. This fresh start also includes your marketing efforts on social media. We encourage you to use this Spring-cleaning fever and update your social media accounts by asking yourself three key questions

  • Is your profile photo or avatar the same on every profile?
  • If applicable, is your header or cover image consistent?
  • Are your bios, descriptions, and URL links identical?

Your profile photos on each platform should be your business logo. The photo should be a crisp photo with the correct dimensions to fit perfectly. This is the same thing for your header and cover image. Your cover image should be a good representation of the category your business is in. A good product shot, display photo, or video walk-through maybe three good options for your header.

Now your bio needs to address a few important factors including your location, the industry you are in, and the types of products you provide. Feel free to mention any current specials, upcoming events or popular items you know are trending at the moment. This may also be a great place to promote any benefits like free shipping, a discount code, or any sales going on.

Lastly, keep in mind; the number one mistake retailers make is still using broken or outdated URLs. All of the links on your social media accounts should be up to date and accurate. Utilizing broken links could result in losing credibility or a potential new customer. Be sure to double-check all URL links to the correct websites and pages.