Creative Holiday Event Ideas During COVID-19

Let’s be honest! Hosting store events during the pandemic will definitely look different this holiday season. But that just means you have to be a little creative and a whole lot more flexible. Here are a few socially-distance and virtual event ideas that you might want to give a try. Of course, we recommend that you follow your local and state ordinances in regards to health and safety standards when it comes to hosting events.


Socially-distance Event Ideas:

  • Holiday Drive-Thru Event – Consider an outdoor event with Santa and Mrs. Claus on hand to wave at the kids. Maybe conduct a food drive for your local food back where your customers can drop off donations and they can receive a special discount on their next purchase. Keep it festive by hiring a local band or musician to play live music. Hand out hot cocoa and candy canes as a special treat to your customers.
  • Holiday Open House By Appointment – In order to limit the number of attendees to your Holiday Open House, consider setting up a Holiday Open House sign-up form online. Customers can select a timeslot where they can come in and shop safely while limiting the number of customers in your store at one time. For customers that require special attention, consider offering one-on-one appointment times for before and after store hours.


Virtual Event Ideas:

  • Host a DIY or Demo Event – Engage with your customers virtually by hosting a Facebook Live DIY or Demo event. Maybe you have a new product that you would like to showcase or maybe you have a local artist that would be up for giving a demo.
  • Storytime with Kids – Dress up and have fun with this idea! Maybe Invite Santa to read a favorite holiday story from your store.
  • Favorite Things Event – Consider hosting a daily event featuring your favorite items for gift-giving. Maybe ask your employees to pick their favorite and host an event by telling your customers why it’s your favorite item along with price.
  • New Product Launch Party – What a great way to introduce a new product to your customers by hosting a Facebook Live event. Consider holding a giveaway during your event where customers can enter by typing into the comments section. Pull a winner after the event has ended and post the results.
  • Winter Fashion Show – Pick your top favorite outfits and ask your employees to participate as models. Create a runway aisle in your store where each model walks down and you describe each outfit including the name and price. Take a photo of each model after the event and post each outfit with a full description of each item.


And when hosting your Facebook Live events, be sure to follow our Facebook Live Checklist below:

  • Find a good light; better to have a strong light than a cool background.
  • Make sure you have a strong WIFI signal.
  • Wear headphones if you’re in a noisy place with a lot of background ambient noise.
  • Create an outline or script. Don’t wing it.
  • Use a tripod vs. shaky hands.
  • Keep your phone plugged in during your broadcast, if possible; Facebook Live really drains your battery life.
  • And lastly, your events don’t have to be too long! Keep your events around 15 – 30 minutes max.