Meet Our Newest Vendor | Caren Products

OneCoast is honored to now be representing Caren Products. Read on to learn more about their brands, their product offerings, and their inspiration along with a glimpse into their future plans.  Caren Products add to our incredible line-up here at OneCoast for Fall and Winter 2020 that you sure don’t want to miss.

Q: Tell us a little about your company, how long in business, how you got started, etc.
A: Caren is a bath, body and home brand established 30 years ago.  Our nature inspired formulations begin with an aloe vera base, a healing blend of botanical therapy, vital antioxidants and rich vitamins that are effective and safe providing true skin benefits.  Our products are great for all skin types.  Originally, our products, were formulated for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and provide excellent relief and recovery from those treatments.


Q: What are your product offerings?  What’s unique about your products vs. other companies in this category?

  • We offer luxurious hand treatment, body treatment, hand/body washes, shower soap sponges and lip treatment.  In January 2020, Caren introduced new sustainable, earth friendly packaging including glass bottles, sugarcane tubes and refillable pouches.  Caren got a NEW look and new logo.
  • Aloe Vera Base | Naturally Derived ingredients | Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals.  Cruelty Free.  Proudly made in the USA.


  • A fun lip gloss line featuring a lighted wand and a chic mirror on the side.  PAINT! has been featured on Good Morning America several times since the introduction of the brand.


  • The official licensed product of the PGA TOUR offering premium sun care and body care products.


Q: Where do you get your inspirations and trend direction from for new products?
A: Initially it starts from a seed that is planted by our chemist, ingredient suppliers and industry trade publications.  We know our customers and we know their needs.  It’s really all about fulfilling the consumer need.


Q: What do you love most about attending the markets?
A:  The PEOPLE!  The RELATIONSHIPS!  We love visiting, chatting and catching up with our customers/ friends. We always look forward to meeting and getting to know new customers as well.  We enjoy working with our territory managers and vendor friends.  It’s a pleasure to share our products with all who visit us at the markets.


Q: Why do customers love your products?
A:  Customers love our products for several reasons…

  • Our Products WORK!  You will experience true skin benefits!
  • Clean Formulas! – aloe vera based with our proprietary blend of botanical therapy
  • Our Fragrances!  They are Light fresh and clean, never overpowering.


Q: Can you tell us more about your efforts in giving back to your local communities?
A: Our donations help with funding to stop hunger, clothe and support programs that teach life skills and  build self sufficiency in our community.

  • Caren Cares – We donate to and help support organizations in the fight against breast cancer and childhood.
  • Local Support – North Fulton Community Charities in the Atlanta and North Fulton area


Q: What does the future holds for Caren?  Maybe a small sneak peek into future product expansions, ideas, etc.
A: In these unprecedented times, Caren is launching a dual purpose product – Hand Sanitizer + Antiseptic for the emergent needs of our customers, available mid June.  We will continue to roll out premium products to address consumer needs.


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