Top 5 Tips for Your E-Blasts

E-mail marketing can be super beneficial during the holidays! Here are a few tips from our Marketing Director, Diana Dick!

Have a Strong Subject Line

You only have a few precious seconds when your subscriber decides to keep or delete your email from their Inbox. Make sure you’ve got a brief and attention-grabbing subject line! There are numerous online resource that discuss best practices and the do’s & don’ts of subject line writing. Just remember to have fun with it and to keep it in the voice of your store’s brand!

Consider Preview and/or Pre-header Lines

Preview and preheader lines work similar to a subject line. They appear outside the body of the email just like a subject line. Again, there’s only a few moments that determine if your email is booted out of your subscriber’s Inbox. Utilize these lines to support your subject line and/or offer additional details.

Preview Line – Hidden

  • Text that may be pulled in from your email body and shown as a part of the preview or message envelope in a subscriber’s Inbox. – Normally, it’s pulled from the first few text lines from your email. Or, your email service provider may have a text field to input additional text which will appear in this area but not in the body of your email. You can use this area to “extend” your subject line.

Preheader Text – Visible

  • Text that is shown above the header in the body of your email. Normally, this may be seen in partial view of the email.

Limit the Number of Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

In Marketing, a “call-to-action” or CTA is the immediate response you would like your audience to take, such as, “shop now”, “learn more” or “contact us”. In email marketing, we can be tempted to cover all the bases and provide a variety of CTAs. Our team is always testing the best way to deliver a CTA to our audience, from our experience, we find that streamlining and just offering one or two CTAs works well for our audience.

Segment Your Email Send List to a Targeted Audience

Want to take your email marketing to the next level but are concerned about bombarding your subscribers with too many emails? Try targeting additional emails to those who are highly interested (subscribers who opened your email) and those who are highly engaged (subscribers who clicked your email).

Many email service providers or ESPs have features where you can choose to send to those that opened/clicked. Or, you can create a list from those that opened or clicked.

A/B Test

Can’t decide on a subject line? Not sure if your audience prefers to see multiple product images? How many CTAs should you actually use? Find out what works with your audience; use A/B testing! Many ESPs have A/B testing features to help you make decisions to tailor your email marketing to your audience.