Custom P. Graham Dunn Décor with Local Flair

Experience the New Coast 2 Coast Collection

Coast 2 Coast is a wholesale name drop program giving you the opportunity to replace text on predetermined artwork and create custom décor! Each designated piece includes 1-2 lines of interchangeable text. Customize product to include your city, state and more! Creating your Coast 2 Coast product is as easy as 1, 2, 3

STEP 1Pick your Product

Choose from a broad assortment of items – large framed décor to smaller items like tabletop blocks and coasters.










STEP 2Add Text

Customize the items by adding your location to the sediment. Use the green ‘customize’ button on to easily add to the product.











STEP 3 – Create a Collection

Display as an assortment and promote as a customized collection that is unique to your store.















With hundreds of products and designs, choosing Coast 2 Coast product for your store will make a statement. This collection is a new way to differentiate your store from the others.

Customize products ranging from inspiration to Christmas, coastal, cabin, lake, western, farm Americana and more!


Ready to begin your own Coast 2 Coast Collection? Start here!