Bridgewater Candle Company Launches Noteables

Driven to inspire, Bridgewater Candle Company fuses legendary fragrance and uplifting messages to create the Noteables Collection. The collection is made up of pop-up easel sachets with inspirational expressions designed to be displayed like art. Noteables will launch only in the popular Sweet Grace fragrance this season. Tying into a grace theme, phrase options include: Be Known for Your Kindness & Grace, Grace and Gratitude, Grace and Grace Alone and Grace Will Take You Places Hustling Can’t. Experience the power of Noteables…filled with fragrance, designed to inspire. 

Sweet Grace- Undeniably warm, peaceful and pure, Sweet Grace illuminates with effortless beauty. Full-bodied fruits embrace the heart-warming aroma of sparkling tea and patchouli for a heaven-sent fragrance formula.

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Information provided from Grace Brands Press Release here.