Employee Appreciation Day

Written by: Tammy Myers, Manager of Employee Experience

Want to show your team just how much you appreciate them?

Bosses across America can support, thank and reward their hard workers by showing them a little extra love on Employee Appreciation Day.  Established in 1995, this special day of recognition is celebrated each year on the first Friday of March.

Studies show happier employees are 12% more productive and even the smallest recognition is a way to show them that their work matters and will improve employee morale.  So, this year boost your staff by treating them to a breakfast or lunch, organize a fun team building activity outside of the office such as bowling or karaoke, give them a small appreciation gift, or even let them have an extra day off.  At OneCoast, all of our employees are given an extra day off for their birthday!

In today’s virtual world, many companies allow their employees to work remotely which can make special events like this a little more challenging; however, don’t let the fact that you are not in an office together deter you from expressing how much you appreciate them and what they do to contribute to the success of your team.

Celebrate even their small accomplishments by acknowledging their work during a team conference call, giving them kudos on your company intranet site or mailing them a heart-felt, hand-written thank you note along with their favorite candy.  The idea is to shower your employees with gratitude and in turn they’ll appreciate you and their work even more.

And remember, employee appreciation doesn’t have to be limited to one day of the year.  The best companies showcase it every day and make it an integral part of their daily routine by creating a culture of encouragement.  Praise their achievements, encourage their growth, and motivate them to pursue their goals.  A happier workplace equates to a better working environment and will reap huge benefits for your team.