Backpacks of Hope

Part of OneCoast’s culture is to give back to our local communities. See how participating in Backpacks of Hope initiative is giving back to local communities.

Nationally, strikes organized in many states have brought attention to the plight of educators in America. Pictures of dilapidated buildings, worn out learning materials, and outdated technology were shared across social media platforms to illustrate the struggles that educators encounter on an everyday basis. Many people may not realize, but with the exception of technology and textbooks, almost all supplies within a classroom are purchased by the educator.  Educators spend on average around $600 of their own money every year on supplies for their classroom without reimbursement.  Often times, students are asked to provide their own school supplies or supplies for the classroom, but now that the average school supplies list costs over $100, this is becoming more and more difficult for families to afford.  Schools in low socio-economic areas are hit especially hard as districts do not have the funding to provide resources for their school population.  Often times, children go to school without even a backpack.

Over the last several years, OneCoast has been collecting school supplies donations on behalf of the Backpacks of Hope organization.  Backpacks of Hope is an organization that works to provide backpacks and school supplies to schools and students in need. This year, OneCoast will be donating supplies to Nathan Adams Elementary School in Dallas, Tx, Ethel Kight Elementary School in LaGrange, GA, and Wendell P Williams Elementary School in Las Vegas, NV.  Our goal is to provide each school with enough school supplies for the whole upcoming school year. In this way, we can allow educators to focus their energies on providing a rich education for their students and not having to worry about where the supplies will come from.

If you would like to participate in donating to any of these schools, please stop by either the OneCoast or DEMDACO showroom in Dallas, Atlanta or Las Vegas.  Each showroom will have donation areas to collect supplies.  Supplies in greatest need are: backpacks, markers, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, ear buds, and children’s scissors.  We know that it may be difficult to include these items while packing for the show, so we will also be accepting gift cards to be put to use towards buying supplies as well.

Written by: Patrick Keiser, Corporate Trainer & Recruiter