Market Tips & Tricks

Heading to Market? Want the inside scoop? Take a peek at our list of tips and tricks to get the most of your Market visit!

  • Avoid lines and pre-register for your badge, if possible have it mailed to you. And don’t forget to pack it immediately in the bag that you will carry at market.
  • Pack business cards, credit sheets, copies of your business license, and even Tax exemption forms.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate credit cards with you, some showrooms may not confirm orders without payment.
  • Bring copies of your current inventories, last order, sell through reports and anything you may need to book wisely and not have to go back and make changes or ‘finish’ an order or a line if at all possible.
  • See your ‘core’ showrooms and your primary reps first and knock out the important stuff; your business depends on it.
  • Request an early or late appointment, many showrooms will accommodate you and you may well beat the crowd or receive better service in non-peak hours.
  • Sign up for any mobile marketing/ text alerts during the show that will keep you informed on events, food, or details to make your trip more productive or convenient.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures, or better yet have your rep take the pics and send to you with the name of the category, collection or idea about the display to inspire you and remind you what you ordered.
  • If you are excited about a collection, new line, snap a photo and post on social media immediately to get your consumers excited about what is to come.
  • Take advantage of every show special – don’t forget to ask!
  • Stay hydrated, snack healthy, get plenty of rest… and don’t let the little things get to you!
  • Book your summer show hotel before you leave the January market.