Retailer Feature | Rhinestone Angel, Flatonia, Texas

FullSizeRenderSome of our favorite things to hear about from our retailers are events and happenings in their store. We caught wind that Rhinestone Angel underwent a major re-haul. The store owners, Kim and Kaywin, let us in on the details!

IMG_4082Rhinestone Angel is owned by a mother-daughter duo, Kim Pape and Kaywin Kubesch, and opened in August of 2003. We remodeled an old gas station located next to Joel’s Bar-B-Q, right off of I-10 in Flatonia, TX. The 1,000 sq. ft. store was primarily home decor and gifts, but three years ago we expanded into women’s accessories–clothing, shoes, and jewelry. We quickly found ourselves out of room and basically hanging things from the ceiling and utilizing every square inch of our store. We knew it was time to spread our wings a little more and build a brand new building with three times the space. Luckily, the landlords, aka Kaywin’s husband and mother-in-law (also the owner’s of Joel’s Bar-B-Q) had watched Rhinestone Angel grow over the years and agreed to build a new space just 10 feet behind our exiting store.

IMG_3090There were several challenges in building our new store. The number one challenge was inclement weather. Our project was set to break ground in March of 2015, due to the extreme amount of rain in the Spring we did not start until late June. Scheduling and deadlines were extremely tight, but we were determined to finish by the end of 2015. To accomplish this we had to complete certain projects ourself and keep a strong hand on the daily progression of the building process. We had a great contractor, but to make deadline we had to micromanage tasks, paint a custom accent wall (only found in Kaywin’s imagination), procure granite for the cash wrap area, and install important finishing touches like drawer pulls, shelving, etc. Thankfully everyone’s hard work paid off and we were able to move out of our original store on Jan. 5th, tear it down on Jan. 6th, set up the new store, and reopen by Jan. 20th. IMG_3738

Designing our new store was a definite balancing act between wants and needs. An absolute must was more space, but we had to fit it into a specific area of the property and had to make it all work and flow with out her businesses on the property. Our original store was aqua with cedar trim and corrugated metal accents. We wanted to stick with the eye catching paint color for to exterior, but we added copper metal on the porch and custom metal accents on the corners of the building along with custom signage.

Description of design selections:

  • Aqua exterior paint with white trim
  • Copper accents (porch roof)
  • Medium Stained porch and front door
  • Gray washed ship lap interior walls
  • Crisp white trim (interior)
  • Aqua washed wood interior doors
  • Aqua washed wood check out counter with dark gray granite
  • An interesting mix of unique chandeliers, track and pendant lighting

IMG_4059Our grand re-opening was held March 24th-26th. Our celebration included a ribbon cutting on March 25th, an amazing cake that looked like our new store front, a vendor trunk show, gift with purchase offer, sales reps demonstrating products and handing out Easter eggs with instant winner chances, samplings of sweet treats, ice cream margaritas, and much more.

Our new space is filled with even more treasures than before! Amazing home decor, gifts, clothing, boots, shoes and jewelry fill the 3000 square foot store. We are truly grateful for our loyal customers and the new customers we meet daily who support and love Rhinestone Angel. We feel like Rhinestone Angel has found it’s forever home!


This blog post was written by Kaywin Kubesch, Co-Owner of Rhinestone Angel.