C.R. Gibson | How Trendy is your Christmas Buy?

As you are finalizing your buys for the 2016 holiday, keep in mind the 6 hot trends that are emerging this Christmas!


This trend features Christmas red with accents of evergreen and gold metallic giving a modern feel to the traditional red and green Christmas.

Black & Gold

This hot trend gets dressed up for the holidays. Black and Gold has been hot all year and continues strong into the holiday season.


Santa makes a stop at the beach. This trend features nautical icons, ocean blue, plaid all accented with metallic gold.


Bright non-traditional colors for Christmas first emerged in 2013. This trend continues to be strong incorporating new color palettes and graphics.


Pastels first showed up last Christmas, but sold through quickly at retail. You will continue to see this trend in 2016 in a big way.


Traditional Christmas red and green, Santa icons, reindeer, snowmen will always be associated with Christmas. Even in our modern world, there continues to be an appreciation for the traditional and it will always have its place at the holidays.

Retail Trend Tips:

*Once your holiday products arrive in store, create vignettes based on trends.

*To generate impulse and incremental sales, cross merchandise a variety of products based on colors patterns, and motifs.

*Train your staff to speak to the trends that you have brought into your store. Today’s customers want to be relevant, so sharing trends will make them feel more confident about their purchases.

*To create even stronger trend presentations, pre-warp key buys in coordinating wrap. Pre-wraps will also drive increased sales.

This blog post was written by C.R. Gibson for intended purposes on the OneCoast Blog.