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All For Color had fashion blogger Jessica Lynna give her expert opinion on this season’s trends!



Today we are thrilled to have fashion blogger Jessica Lynna sharing her take on Spring trends. We love her style, so take note All For Color fans, this is sure to be good.

It’s a new year, which means a new you, right?! While many of you are still focusing on your exercise regimen or eating less ice cream for dinner (maybe that’s just me), some of you are focusing on changing up your style or challenging yourself to wear more clothing that isn’t necessarily “you”. Stepping outside your clothing comfort zone doesn’t have to be scary. Especially when you follow along with some of the New Year trends that have been spotted on runways and sidewalks all across the world. These spring trends are easy, breezy and sure to help even the most clueless gal get in tune with her inner fashionista!

Pajama Inspired

Remember when those nighty inspired dresses were popular back in the 90s? Yea, well, those are back. But those are hard to pull off and uncomfortable for just about every person who wears them. So thankfully this Spring the trend widened to promote all pajama inspired clothing – um, hello dream come true! I’ve been waiting for this trend all my life!

Runways have been sporting wrap style dresses (very robe-esque) and pajama print pants, both of which are flattering, trendy and of course comfortable. I personally have my eye on these Cabana Breeze Madison Court pants and this Aloha Paradise wrap dress, but you could always just wear your actual pajamas in which case these Sea Star pjs are moving to the top of my list!

Solid Stripes

I’ve always been a fan of stripes. Doesn’t matter what time of year, and what color – if it has stripes, I need to own it. I can’t say with certainty that women ever let the “stripe” trend die, but it is back again this spring and better than ever. Runways have been showcasing vertical, horizontal, wide, thin, and every other variety of stripe you can own.

A little nervous about pulling off stripes? No worries! Try this Tiki Tide Harbor Place cap sleeve dress, to ease your way into the trend. Shift dresses are notoriously one of the most flattering dresses on a woman’s figure and easy to pull off on any body type, making this the perfect place to start when adding bold print, such as stripes to your wardrobe!

Spanish Inspired

This has to be the trend I am most excited about this Spring. I am all giddy over the flowing fabric, the added ruffles and all the bright hues. Something about it screams feminine and elegant and I can’t wait to get my hands on this Coral Ava Ruffle Sleeve dress!

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on something pink and ruffly and twirl around like a ballerina, am I right?! Okay, maybe that’s just me too, but if dresses aren’t your thing, then these Summer Terrace Hampton Park scallop shorts are sure to be a hit with all your fashionista friends.

Floral print

Don’t you just wish you could keep fresh blooms in your house everyday?! I know I do, so I am a sucker for all things floral when it comes to clothing. I am loving this Aloha Paradise convertible maxi – perfect as a dress, perfect as a skirt and what’s even more perfect is the two outfits in one I get for my budget!

But if your New Years resolution consisted of wearing more “print” the Hawaiian flowers may be a little bold for your taste. If that’s the case, try this super chic Banana Leaf Sydney tunic, which is going to look so great with white denim, some brown sandals and a beach tote this year.

If there’s one thing I learned about Spring’s upcoming trends, it’s that Spring can not get here soon enough. This year, the trends are perfect for the fashionista who wants to jump in headfirst (that’s me!) or the fashion fearful who’s just testing the waters. Either way, you’ll be a better you in 2016 for being up for the change. After all, variety and change is the spice of life!

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