Seasonal Scents with Boulevard

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There are 6 key categories of fragrance in the candle industry. They are Ozonic/Green, Aromatic/Herbal, Wood/Oriental, Floral, Fruit and Gourmand. Keep reading to find out how to freshen up your home [or office] with these seasonal scents!

Ozonic/Green Fragrances – These fragrances combine sea salt and ocean waves, waterfalls and rainforests making this category a clean, fresh one. Boulevard’s Azure Coast, our number one re-ordered fragrance, features 2016 Pantone Color of the Year, Serenity. This collection takes crisp and breezy notes of shimmering raindrops giving you a fantasy feel as if you are soaking in sunshine by your favorite waterway. Always a popular fragrance, our Belgium Linen captures fresh crispness with its clean cotton notes feeling like they are being dried in the sun, a cool elegance of white flowers and green notes.

Aromatic/Herbal Fragrances – These types of scents are nature at is finest. Featuring fresh-cut flowers, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus and many other popular garden herbs, these act as accent notes and often used as single scent offerings. In Boulevard’s two top sellers, French Fields is full of aromatic lavender notes and our popular Soothing Eucalyptus fall into this category. They are aromatherapy driven which consumers love. They use them for stress relief and relaxation.

Wood/Oriental Fragrances – These are as they sound; wood and spice oriented, impacting depth, character and richness. Cedar wood, sandalwood, amber and suede are the key call-out notes. They speak to the new growth of the spring and summer seasons. Artisan Amber hosts a world of scents that include a Sicilian bergamot/Persian lime laced with fruity Rainer cherry and white nectarine. This is a very popular candle fragrance this spring. Sandalwood continues as a mainstream top seller as this fragrance takes sun drenched woods blended with spice this speaks to the new growth of spring and summer.

Floral Fragrances – This type of fragrance, which is a tried and true staple, brings out true floral bouquet notes. Jasmine, gardenia, fruit blossoms are reminders of spring time. Inspiration is wide and varied with scents for the floral family. Boulevard’s fan favorite Zen Garden captivates bouquets of blue hydrangeas garnished with lavender flowers. Our number one fragrance for spring season is the Pomelo & Verbena mixing exotic tamarind and fresh tangerine with a sheer floral accord and a hint of wild mint.

Fruit Fragrances – This is  fragrance category is broad and features a sophisticated blend of multiple types of fruit. Tropical is always popular and a welcome addition to any of the cold weather states. Boulevard’s fruity tropical fragrance of Papaya Nectar mixes sweet orange, mango, papaya and bamboo as a tropical fruit oasis of fragrance.

Gourmand Fragrances – This category takes us to fragrances almost good enough to eat. Boulevard’s Bourbon Vanilla, with a creamy infusion of vanilla bean and sweet bourbon, hits it out of the park and is a staple fragrance for the spring and summer seasons.


1.  Artisan Amber 2. Azure Coast 3. Belgium Linen

4. Bourbon Vanilla 5. French Fields 6. Papaya Nectar

7. Soothing Eucaplyptus 8. Pomelo & Verbena 9. Zen Garden