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Make the Most of your Cause Marketing Event 

Cause Marketing Events draw attention and raise funds for a specific cause or charity. According to many sources, consumers who participated in a Cause Related Marketing program said it positively changed their perception towards the company involved. So while you are giving back to the community that supports your business, you are also helping yourself through added exposure and sales. Cause Marketing is the classic win-win situation.

Best practices from the experts:

  • Offer a special or promotion to get the foot traffic in the door.
  • Market your event heavily – get the word out!
  • Offer a rain date alternative for any specials or promotions.

Make sure your Cause Marketing Event is the best it can be:

  1. Start Early: Begin to market your event at least six weeks before its start date. You can use Bag Stuffers to get the word out, send e-mail blasts, talk it up on social media, hang signs in your windows or even run an ad. And don’t forget to encourage customers to spread the word! You tell a friend who tells two friends who tells four more friends, etc.
  2. Your Theme is Autism Awareness: Your event is planned around raising awareness for autism. You pick the charity you want to support. You can support a national charity or if you select a local organization, they might help promote your event. April is National Autism Awareness Month, so doing an event during April is great, but it’ll work any time you run it.
  3. Contact the Charitable Organization: Once you select your charity, contact the organization. They may have suggestions or volunteers who will help. Ask for contacts within the press or media who will help get the word out for you.
  4. Make Your Event Stand Out: From the minute a customer walks in the door to the last impression at cash wrap, make sure it’s evident there’s something special happening!
  5. Music, Drinks and Appetizers: Give your event a festive air – everyone loves a party. And what’s a party without food, drink and music? Make sure there are plenty of refreshments and the music is lively. It’ll make your event memorable.


Want to hold a Cause Marketing Event to help raise Autism Awareness?

Here are a few ideas!

  • Set up a “Light It Blue” Photo Booth – Set up a “light it blue” photo booth and invite customers to take their picture. It could be as simple as a blue spotlight on a single Woodstock Chimes for Autism™ against a plain wall. The customer stands next to the chime and you take a photograph. Post the images to your Facebook page and tag the customer so the image is also shared on their Facebook news feed. These images could also be used on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.
  • Donate a Dollar, Put Your Name on Our Donation Wall – Invite customers to donate $1 (or more!) to your favorite local autism-related charity. Print up puzzle pieces that folks who donate can sign and tape these to a wall in your store. You can photograph the wall at various times during the day and post your progress, photograph customers signing their pieces and sticking them to the wall, and do group shots of customers with their signed puzzle pieces and/or holding the Woodstock Chimes for Autism. Post any and all images on your store’s social media sites.
  • Shop and Give – Invite your customers to shop in your store on a particular day (week, month). Donate a percentage of your profits during that time to a favorite autism-related charity. As an added incentive, allow customers to “round up” their purchases and add that amount to your donation. Take pictures of the customers who “round up” and post them on your social media sites.
  • Local Event Booth – Is there an autism event planned in your town? Contact coordinators and see about setting up a booth and selling the Woodstock Chimes for Autism at the event. Make sure you use our placards so folks know 100% of Woodstock Chimes’ profits are donated to autism treatment and research. Make sure you promote this in your store in advance, and take pictures the day of the event so you can post them on your social media sites.
  • Run a Name-That-Chime Challenge – Have you seen our “Meet Tyler” video? If not, here it is! Set up a “Name-That-Chime” Challenge in your store. Have your customer turn their back or stand behind a curtain. Give them a list of 10 Woodstock Chimes, then have them guess which one you’re ringing. If they get it right they win a prize. You can post photos or short videos to social media. This works best if you have the Meet Tyler video playing in the store so everyone can see how easy it is for Tyler to Name That Chime!

For a copy of the video, contact your OneCoast Territory Manager or call Woodstock Chimes Customer Care at 800-422-4463.

Whatever you do, promote it with your local newspaper, television and radio outlets. It will generate excellent publicity for your store. Of course, we’d love if you’d mention Woodstock Chimes and our Woodstock Chimes for Autism as well!