Meet Our New Vendor: 8 Oak Lane & Shade Critters

OneCoast is honored to now be representing 8 Oak Lane and Shade Critters.

Just Spotted8 Oak Lane is inspired by all things current, clever, and creative. We offer a modern day solution for table-top accessories and gifts that satisfy the inner creative in everyone. We help bring all “Pins” to life with Instagram worthy gifts, home décor, party planning solutions, and more. It’s life at 8 Oak Lane and it’s just the beginning.

Shade Critters, a unique collection of UPF50+ sun protection for infants, toddlers, and kids was designed with a let’s play dress up angle for the little ones mixed with trending prints that mom can’t get enough of. Finally an Instagram worthy sun safe swimwear solution for kids! Today’s modern mom knows the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays and Shade Critters finally offers the solution that the kids will love and mom can POST! Whether at the beach, the pool, or the club, we’ve got you covered. #GETINTHESHADE

Read on to learn about these two unique brands:

Q: Tell us a little about your company, how long in business, how you got started, etc.

8OL: 8 Oak Lane is a newly formed gift company currently consisting of the 8 Oak Lane housewares and gift line as well as Shade Critters. We are not new to the industry but wanted to give the industry something new, something different. We just got started but it’s just the beginning.

IMG_8407Q: What are your product offerings? What’s unique about your products vs. other manufacturers?

8OL: 8 Oak Lane, the home collection, provides modern day gift giving solutions offering stemware, porcelain serving platters, pillows, home décor, trinkets, and more. The assortment offers a clever angle so our customers will feel compelled to host it and post it!

Shade Critters is a UPF 50+ swimwear collection representing a NEW category of business for retailers. Today’s modern mom knows the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays and Shade Critters finally offers the solution that kids will love and mom can POST.
It’s fashion swimwear/sun protection for kids.

What’s different about our lines is that we want to stay connected with the customer in a way that welcomes customer participation. We will be offering a sneak peak behind the creative curtain and …well, stay posted for more.

Q: Where do you get your inspirations and trend direction from for new products?

Hero8OL: We love staying connected with current fashion trends as they always transcend to home décor, gifts, and kids fashion but really most of the inspiration just comes from life’s little experiences at 8 Oak Lane whether it be a life changing event or everyday moment.

Q: What do you love most about attending the markets?

8OL: We love the customer feedback and interaction with our sales team. After all of the creative brainstorming, product sourcing, pricing, and marketing is complete the reaction from our customers is really all that matters. It’s truly what motivates us.

Q: Why do customers love your products?

8OL: We are the first company to fully address the Millennial customer and her circle of influence – her friends, her family, and most importantly her “Fans!” Our collections are designed to excite, engage, the next generation of customers while still servicing the existing customer base.

Q: What does the future hold for 8 Oak Lane and Shade Critters? Maybe a small sneak peek into future product expansions, ideas, etc.

8OL: We have so many exciting plans for both 8 Oak Lane and Shade Critters and we can’t name them all but…here’s a taste.

  • 8 Oak Lane will expand into more everyday and life changing moments such as wedding and baby.
  • Shade critters will continue to expand the BE ACTIVE collection into infant and toddler offerings as well as broaden the everyday apparel selections.

This article was written by 8 Oak Lane & Shade Critters for intended use on the OneCoast Blog.