Marketing Tip: Free & Festive Font Pairings For Your Holiday Marketing

‘Tis the season to start thinking about your holiday marketing! Whether it be email, social media graphics or printed store signage, it is important that the type captures your customer’s attention and gets them in the holiday spirit.
Finding a great font is the easy part, but pairing them can be a little tricky.

Here’s some quick tips on what to look for when you’re pairing fonts.

Pairing by Contrast

  • Style – An easy way to achieve contrast is mixing fonts of different styles. Slab Serif, Script. Serif, San Serif, Monospaced…the list goes on!
  • Size – We’ll keep this short and sweet! Pair up larger sized fonts with smaller sized fonts.
  • Weight – Bold fonts with light fonts…no problem!

Pairing by Concord

  • Same Style – For example…keep your serifs with your serifs! Choose two fonts in the same style, but with subtle difference.
  • Same Font Family – Too much of a good font? No way! Utilize the same font in different weights for subtle contrast.

We’ve created 5 free* font pairings to help take your marketing from bah humbug to a joy to the world!


Euphoria Script + Josefin Sans Regular


Bebas Neue Bold + Georgia Italic


Open Sans Light + Elsie Black


Aleo Light + Allura


Intro Rust Script + Mathlete Bulky

*These fonts are free of cost and free to use commercially.



Kim Smith is a color lover, font junkie and Creative Account Manager for OneCoast, with over seven years’ experience in marketing-focused graphic and web design.