Friday Feature: Woodstock Chimes Windsinger Chimes of Apollo


Music to your ears…


Elisabeth Bond, OneCoast Regional Sales Manager, shares one of her many favorite OneCoast products. She had this to say about her Woodstock Chimes pick, “One of my favorite items from Woodstock Chimes is the CHIMES OF APOLLO. It is a monster of a chime and makes the most wonderful long lasting sustained sounds, due to the thick tubes and frictionless suspension. It occupies a prime spot on our front porch, at over 68” long! It is visible from afar and audible from even farther. A gift to my husband for his birthday, but truly a gift for the whole family. (even the neighbors enjoy it) Woodstock’s quality and craftsmanship is second to none and I am so proud to be constantly reminded, every time the wind blows.”