The Power of a POWERFUL Display



img 1At Elly Preston, our beloved retailers will often gush about our incredible pieces. But one question we hear time and time again is…


“How can I better display it?”


If you were lucky enough to visit one of the shows this summer, you were able to see first hand how we’ve taken a few simple pieces to help create a great display. Things like picture frames, vintage boxes, and trays help create a great focal point. The base of our displays is always created with our own wood and burlap busts and display bars. These are simple pieces that can be used time and time again for all kinds of pieces. Simply take these displays as your “main subject” and build around it. Still looking for fun and creative ideas? GREAT! We’ve put together a special Pinterest Board to help inspire you with some fabulous display ideas. We hope we’ve helped to get those creative juices flowing. We would LOVE to see how you display Elly Preston jewelry. Send us your own photos on Facebook and share your great ideas with everyone! We would love to see what you come up!

This article was written by Elly Preston and re -purposed for the OneCoast blog.