The Sweet Smell of a Boulevard Summer


Breathe in. Breathe out. Yes, that is the sweet smell of Summertime!

We associate pictures with faces and we also associate smells with memories. We remember the smell of ice cold lemonade (and how good it tastes!) on a hot summer day, the smell of of the grill and all the deliciousness that was grilling on it and even the smell of outside, the flowers, grass and trees, ignite such a strong feeling that we hold on to!

Lately, at least in the Northeast, it’s been a wet and dreary summer. We haven’t been able to get outside much and really enjoy the season. Thanks to Boulevard, they have given us the next best thing, mix and match recipes for their Wax Melts!

Yes, it’s that easy! Here are my Top 3 favorites!

1. Papaya Nectar + Champagne Brunch = Mimosa’s Anyone? — Spring and Summer conjure up all sorts of fun activities. This is a great way, especially on a rainy day, to bring the fun inside. What a great way to spend time with your friends and family!

2. Cool Linen + French Lavender = Serenity — Take a step back and unwind. Combine these calming scents for an indoor yoga session or bubble bath!

3. Salted Chocolate + Strawberry Cheesecake = Chocolate Dipped Strawberries — Does this one need an explanation? I didn’t think so! What a great way to make the room or whole house smell! This is a great combo if you are hosting a party or dinner. Your guests are going to definitely want some dessert!

Boulevard has compiled a list that lists many more! Here it is! Now, what do you do with it?

Inform – Make a few copies of the recipe list and make sure that your employees review it. Have them discuss their favorites and become comfortable with the product. This will ensure a seamless and sniff-provoking conversation between them and a customer.

Display – Have the recipe list on hand for your customers. These can be placed at the cash and carry or near the display so that the customers will be able to see them. Marketing Tip: Have recipe cards and pens near the display so the customers can write down their favorite ones! 

Events – Host an event where customers will be able to smell the combined melts and maybe try their own. A discount on the product for attending the event is a great incentive!

Now, go out and smell the roses!