Merchandising Corner with Jane Marie


Create interest and flare with lamp shades turned jewelry chandeliers.  Layer looks from Jane Marie on bodices and dress forms to create a unique look.  Customers love mixing the pre-made looks with customizable.

Jane Marie offers display boards free of charge with every pre-packaged assortment, which makes a statement in any retail space.  When creating your Jane Marie footprint it is best to group three or more assortments, creating a presence and maximizing brand awareness.  Encourage your customers to lead a charmed life and build on their Jane Marie collection with each season.  We introduce new assortments every quarter, be sure to keep something fresh and exciting coming at all times.  Even a small addition can freshen up your space, customers will often notice something they hadn’t before.






Boost charm sales by making sample necklaces and layering them with simple chains to demonstrate the endless possibilities charms offer.  Use small picture frames with corkboard to highlight something new or special, such as birthstones, sports, Christmas and more.  The frame will create interest and make those items “pop”.










Mix match and layer your Jane Marie bangles and bracelets.  Group several assortments together and encourage customers to embrace their style and build their collection of Jane Marie.  Pairing arrow charms and our stretch pearls, then layering bangles creates a unique and interesting mix of basic and fun, with a personal touch.










From semi-precious stones to inspirational, Jane Marie has something for everyone.  Ladies of all ages love the all new Agate and stone tassel necklaces, display them on a bold printed dress or with a simple sweater to create a look that fits your customer.






And remember, nothing sells Jane Marie like you, so layer your chains, charms and stones and wear your Jane Marie everywhere you go.  Lead a charmed life…

This article was written by Jane Marie for the OneCoast Blog.