Display Tips for Successful Retailers

Studio MStrong, eye-catching visual merchandising displays are key components to the success of any retail business. Displays set the mood for each and every customer that walks in your door. With powerful color, strong lightening, and amazing products, your visual merchandising displays are your “silent sales person” that should be included in your overall marketing plan each month.

Here are some quick tips you will want to consider when creating a display:

  • Start with color: Determine what your color scheme will be for one display. Look around your store and pull products the match or coordinate well with your color scheme. Need help with color schemes? Here are a few: Color CombosColour Lovers and Pantone’s website.
  • Decide on a theme: Are you pulling together a look around certain products or holiday? For example, maybe you would like to pull together an outdoor summer display. Consider pulling items together like birdhouses, flower pots, gardening items and even outdoor entertaining items such as paper plates, candles, and drinkware. Pulling a display together around a theme will give your customers plenty of ideas and will entice them to buy.
  • Ever Changing Display: Ideally, you will want to change out your displays on a weekly basis. Moving and updating your displays will give your store a fresh new look for your customers. Not only will be make it more interesting to look at, your customers will also be more apt to return to your store on a more regular basis. It will make it appear that you have new products all the time.

Looking for creating display ideas? Check out some of my favorite places:


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