5 Tips for Better Email Marketing

5EmailTips (2)Email marketing is an unavoidable task for even the smallest business these days. We have compiled a short list of 5 tips that can be the first step in helping you to create more effective email campaigns:

  1. First Impressions Count – The subject line of your email is most likely the first thing people will see. If it does not grab the attention of the reader, there is a chance they will scan over it without giving a second look. Also, you want your subject line to be descriptive, but not too long. It is recommended that subject lines are no more than 50 characters.
  2. Not Too Wordy – You always want to make sure your emails are not too long. Your readers can get dozens, if not hundreds of emails a day to read and if your email has the appearance of a book, it can give them reason to move on to the next one. Trends over the last 5 years show that due to the overabundance of email marketing, emails have been getting shorter and shorter to remain effective. Your emails should not exceed a word count of 250.
  3. Focused Campaign – Nobody knows your customers and clients better than you do. You know what they like and should use that to your advantage. Make sure your email campaign has a clear message. You don’t want your marketing emails to come off as being a newsletter. Choose a theme or message and make sure to stay on track when writing and creating your email.
  4. Images – If you have the capability to place images in your email, you’ll want to make sure they add value. You want to use images that apply to the theme of your email, or actual images of your product or offering. Also, if you are creating a banner or header image, these should not be any larger than 600 pixels wide.
  5. Give Them Somewhere To Go – Whether it is a link to shop your site, read your blog or a request to email you for more information, you always want to make sure to have at least one clear call-to-action. If you are using only text in your email, be sure to bold the call-to-action and, if possible, give it a color that stands out. If you have the capability to include images in your email, surrounding the call-to-action in a box, or giving it a background color is a great way to let your readers know where to click.

While this is just a vague short-list of ideas to help you in your email campaign creation, taking these steps should help to improve your emails. You are always encouraged to search the web for email marketing related articles that can go more in depth on the subject, or visit our Ask Us page for more specific questions on the topic.