Vendor Spotlight | Studio M

BenchBy Penny Short, Territory Manager/Line Leader for Studio M

As manufacturers go, Studio M is what I referred to in my retailing days a “GEM.” You know what I mean… A REAL one of a kind vendor, you KNOW your customers will respond to!

Studio M, formerly Magnet Works offers a diverse blend of both staple or “core” items like Garden Flags, House Flags, Door Mats & Mailbox wraps, as well as artistic piece types like, Art Poles, Planter Pots, recyclable coasters & colorful Fairy Garden pieces known as their “Gypsy Garden.”

Art Poles - Floor



There are numerous reasons why I’d put them on my “Top Vendor” list. First, would be creativity… Studio M represents over 125 different licensed artists, Stephanie Burgess, Genevieve Gail, Susan Winget, Lisa Kaus & Hautman Brothers, just to name a few. That alone, makes the product both appealing to a wide audience, as well as diverse with each collection having its own distinct characteristics. Their “Art Poles” are also a unique, one of a kind collection, selling across the board from Garden Centers to Gift Boutiques, coast to coast.

Mat FixtureMy second reason that Studio M earns my “Top Vendor” rating is quality! Quality product, quality people & quality policies… Curt & Sue Todd, owners of Studio M, maintain a “Make what we can, Import what we must” policy, meaning many of their products are Made in the USA, & others are imported or a combination of both to insure quality. They maintain an A+ group of employees as well. While I’ve not met any of their in house employees, their customer service & credit teams are results driven & a joy to work with.

From a retailer’s perspective, Studio M checks A LOT of boxes… Flags, Door Mats, Mailbox wraps, coasters, fairy garden product, Made in the USA, one of a kind artistic piece types, creative& unique just to name a few. If you’ve not looked at the line recently, take one today!