Be Great Today | Kathy Hosier

KHJohn Keiser, CEO of OneCoast, started our “Be Great Today” series. His first post sparked interest and excitement within our company! We will be asking other OneCoast team members what “Be Great Today” means to them and how they work that into their professional and (sometimes) personal life! Up to bat this time, Kathy Hosier, National Sales Manager for the Collegiate Division.

Q: What does “be great today” mean to you?

KH: It means honestly striving to do your best and not cutting corners. For me it also means appreciating all the elements of today and not wishing time away so you can rush on to the next thing. I’ve been guilty of that myself and have tried to be more aware. Today IS yesterday’s tomorrow!

Q: What can you do to “be great today”?

KH: Just put forth your best effort. The results might not always be considered Great, but if you give max effort and do your best on that day, on that project, whatever it is, you’re on your way to being great today. Part 2 is to help others do the same.

Q: How do you encourage others to do the same?

KH: You always want to lead by example but positive reinforcement goes a long way too. I try to take the extra minute to thank someone for a job well done and recognize their efforts and hard work and encourage them to keep it going.

Q: What is your favorite motivational quote?

KH: Oof. No way I can pick one. The Collegiate Team knows I sure do like those sports-related quotations but I personally favor any quotes about resilience and that concept of what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. When you get knocked down, and we all do, what motivates you to get back up and at it? “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack” is a fun one. I also like, “Tough times don’t last; Tough people do.”

Kathy’s primary responsibility is to support the sales team in their day to day road work. Working closely with Lisa Gallivan, Vice President of Sales, and our vendor partners, Kathy manages daily activities and meets regularly with TM’s to keep individual objectives on track. She is also directly involved in collegiate marketing efforts including e-mail campaigns and team newsletters.

Prior to joining OneCoast, Kathy spent 8 years in a similar sales support position with a manufacturer in the office products industry.