Vendor Spotlight | Oilily

By Karen Weil-Osman, OneCoast Territory Manger/Oilily Line Leader

The story and photos below are from one of my accounts, Barn White in McAllen, Texas.


Leslie’s Personal Oilily Bag

Leslie, the store owner, has invested in Oilily because of one bag that she purchased with the bright colored daisies on it.

She has a personal attachment to the brand and the bags. Leslie purchased her first Oilily bag 10 years ago while traveling throughout Europe. The quality of her Oilily bag has not only lasted, it has was held a special place in her heart as one of her favorite accessory pieces.

As we all know, we make impressions on people we meet everyday. Who would have ever of thought, that one bag, 10 years later, would lead to a store owner picking up the very line? This has meant so much to her and having it become apart of her business’s success make it all worth it today.

It has given new meaning to Oilily coming to the United States! Getting to know Oilily and its fashion has opened great opportunity for several new stores in the and we are just getting started!

Leslie’s story is just one of many businesses that carry Oilily.

2Correct product placement and merchandising is key when selling a fashion line. It is important to merchandise Oilily with the design statement of your store and embrace the uniqueness of the collections. A large bag displayed with wallets and umbrella will create a unique display. Let this statement move into another colorway and include another collection. For example, two different colorways from Botanical Garden collection will tie nicely with the Dotty collection. Since there is a large bag and wallet with matching umbrella, finish it off with a small shoulder bag to create that fashion minded customers look. Complete the look! These all look great together and you have just merchandised a beautiful suggestive selling display.

Make sure to highlight your best sellers! Put them front and center. I get stopped when I am wearing my Tropical Peony bag. What works here, in Texas, might be different than something that works in Florida! S3tay on top of trends and see what your customers walk in wearing!

I love this line because it brings unique quality to their line. From the zippers, lining, to finding logo, the brand thrives and sets standards. Oilily embraces fashion in many ways. Customers who have purchased a piece while traveling abroad become emotional while sharing their story.

My favorite product throughout the line is the Office Collections. It matters not which pattern or color is your favorite, create a statement in your store with several different colorways.

This line will truly be a hit for every fashion minded business woman out in world today!

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