Top Wedding Trends for 2015

With so many great bridal magazines, websites and blogs out there, we narrowed down our top wedding trends for 2015 and compile it here for your all in one place.  As we enter the peak months for weddings, now is the perfect time to talk weddings. Be sure and grab your brides attentions by offering top trending products in your store, perfect for all their gift giving needs.

The British are Coming

With the wide spread success of the TV show “Downton Abbey”, the British is definitely having an influence on the American wedding with hints of lace, afternoon tea and Victorian décor.


The Burlap Trend Continues

This hot trend is its way into the bridal industry with rustic trims on reception and shower décor to bridal gift giving.


Farm Stand Freshness

The farm-to-table trends are making their way into the bridal industry with rustic, home-grown feeling of mason jars to accents of burlap and tin.


Going Copper

For more glamorous weddings, copper is trending to be a good alternate vs. gold or silver.