Ring, Ring! It’s Wedding Season!

me pngThis is the perfect time of year to start hearing those wedding bells! With new life being sprung all over the place, it is only fitting that couples join together to start their new life together! *gush*

As a semi-newly wed myself (April 13th will be two years), I look back and think, “Shoot! What a great idea!”, on some of things I missed while planning. So you don’t make the same mistake, I listed some of the things I wish I would have added to my special day.

Here’s a list of my Top 5 Do-Over’s!

1. Custom Hashtag – How stinkin’ cute! Not only do you get to customize your wedding, you can customize your wedding photos! This cute, little feature allows you to basque in the glow a few days longer as you prowl social media searching the custom hasthtag you created. Here’s what I would have done something cute, witty and fitting to our day! #castawaycudicio2013 or something!


2. Wedding Theme – While weddings are typically cohesive, I really didn’t pick a theme. This helps while adding specials touches to your wedding. This can carry over into the favors, deserts, etc. I did have wedding colors but not so much a theme.


3. Signature Drinks – This is a great way to tie into your theme as well. You can create a his and her drink. Think “You’ll be my class of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey” type thing.



4. Props – Yes, this may sound a little crazy but it makes for great photos. If you have a photo booth, they company will usually bring something to play around with. Don’t have one? Make your own and leave them on the tables for guest to take pictures with during the day. (Psst, don’t forget to remind them to use your hashtag so you can see how silly…err, awesome they look!)


5. Registering Locally – I kick myself in the you know for this. There are so many great, local places that have unique, custom pieces that you could only find there. While big-box stores have a lot more selection, a local place can help you really find what you are looking for. They will be able to help more with a one on one service for you as well. Plus, who doesn’t like to support a local business!

So, there you have it, my Top 5 Do-Over’s. They aren’t too bad. What would you do-over?

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