Rebranding 101 | Part 1 of 3

askus2lWe received a question via Ask Us on how to reach a new demographic of customers. It is a key to any business to ensure that you are reaching your target audience. We asked OneCoast’s Vice President of Marketing, Majda Rensberger, to weigh in on the subject.

Since there is a lot of prepping, working and evaluating with something like this, we present our “Rebranding 101” series. This will be a three part series that will cover prep and evaluation, what is going on in-store and product mix and last but not least, marketing.

With any successful plan, you have to do some pre-work to evaluate your current demographic, product offering and overall store experience.

There are many ways to gather information about your current demographic and the demographics that you wish to target.

A great way to get to know all your customers (current and future!) is to invite them to VIP event, like a focus group.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Start Simple: Turn this into a mother/daughter event or friends & family event in the demographic you wish to target.
  • Minimize Distractions: Plan the event after hours. This will allow to focus on the conversations instead of worrying about running the business.
  • VIP Only: Make this exclusive! Play music, serve some treats and offer a gift cards to your store in exchange for their feedback. Gifts cards are a great idea because this will bring them back to your store. Sweeten the deal by offering a “free gift” for the attendee and a friend when they come back to the store.
  • Ask Questions: Distribute a questionnaire to have your guests fill out. You can give them a quick tour of the store, ask for their feedback on feeling/perception of the store, shopping experience, products, how often have they shopped here, would they refer the store to a friend, etc. They can fill it out as they are going. Want to save some paper? Survey Monkey is a great choice and something they can do on their mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.).
  • How Did You Hear About Us: This is an important question! This will show you how effectively you reaching your target customer. BONUS: Ask them how they would want to hear from you. This will help later on when you begin marketing!

Excited for Part 2? So are we! Stay tuned and you won’t be disappointed!


Majda Rensberger is the Vice President of Marketing for OneCoast. In her 9 years with OneCoast, Majda held a leadership position in the development of the industry’s first National Sales Model (OneCoast ND One), implemented operational structures and led the development of the company’s Integrated Marketing and Sales Model.

Majda heads up the Marketing and Showroom departments where she’s responsible for marketing and branding strategies of OneCoast and their vendor partners, helping them effectively market their brands and drive B2B sales via e marketing, social media, mobile and public relations platforms. Majda is a member of the OneCoast Senior Executive team involved in the company’s strategic planning and new business development.

Majda has been a GHTA (Gift and Home Trade Association) member since 2009. During the November 2014 annual industry conference Majda was elected to serve on the Board of Directors where she’ll be involved in moving the Gift and Home industry forward.