5 Social Media Ideas To Boost Your Business This Spring and Summer

Written By: Crystal Vilkaitis

Temperatures are rising and your sales should, too! It’s an exciting time to be using social media to market, but the key is knowing what works and how to get the most out of your efforts.

Here are five tips to help grow sales and exposure this spring and summer.

iphone1. Just like Oprah, create a list of your favorite things for spring and summer. Here’s a great example from the team at Shop Therapy Boutique, who featured six items on their Instagram account and added text to the graphic so it stood out to people scrolling through their feed. To create a similar graphic that has an image and/or text on top of the picture, try an app like Pixlr or WordSwag (only available on iPhone).

2. Spring cleaning is a must for our homes and stores, but take it a step further and offer “Today Only” deals on your social media outlets for products you’re ready to get rid of. The keys to making this successful and selling the items are to:

  • Include a photo and/or video
  • Include the original price and the sale price
  • Clearly state this offer is available *Today Only*
  • Use Facebook ads to promote the special deals, since Facebook has stated they won’t show posts that are “overly promotional” for free. This is content your fans will want to know about, so it’s worth promoting or boosting. Note: If you boost, make sure you only target your fans to keep conversion rates higher while spending less.

3. Speaking of Facebook Ads and special deals, consider using the Facebook Offers ad objective and giving your network a super hot spring and summer deal. Click here to watch an episode of Crystal Media TV where I share the Facebook Offer Ad I used to help a retailer generate just under $7,000 in sales and drove 35 people into the store. These ads are a great way to drive foot traffic (and web traffic, if you sell online) and are easy to track so that you know exactly how many people bought from the ad.

4. instagramContests have always been a fun and effective way to get people following you online and interacting with your social media outlets. Consider running a contest where people have to tag their friends to enter to win, which helps increase your online exposure and gets new people into the store.

For example, you can ask people to tag a friend who should receive a gift certificate to your store, or someone who needs a spring/summer makeover. Or you can create something similar to the contest graphic including clear rules that Annabelle posted. To get the ball rolling, you might need to post some of your own pictures and ask staff/family/friends to do the same thing. Then, regram on Instagram or Share on Facebook so people can see examples.

5. Finally, get your online audience involved this spring and summer. Ask them to share their favorite things to do, places to go and their favorite products they bought in your store. An easy way to motivate customers to share pictures of products they bought from you is to post signage in your store and reward this type of behavior.

For example, post in-store signage that says something like, “Each week, we pick one lucky winner to receive a $25 gift certificate just for sharing a picture of something they bought to Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us, @YourStoresUsername, and thanks for being a customer!”

Crystal VilkaitisCrystal Vilkaitis is the owner of Crystal Media; a company dedicated to helping retailers integrate proven social media, mobile and email marketing strategies into their businesses. Crystal started Social Edge, an online membership group exclusive to retailers looking to gain an edge over competition using social media, who need direct access to what’s important and relevant when it comes to marketing their store and products online. For more information and to receive free bi-weekly social media tips to your email inbox, visit crystalmedia.co or watch a sample course from Social Edge by clicking here.