Enchanting Storytelling Displays

Displays are created to draw your customers into your store and tell your story. They capture the mind and entice us to buy.  Here we have selected a few of our favorite display ideas that we would like to share with you.  First off, the lower left picture is a display in the Jane Marie are of the OneCoast Atlanta showroom. They have created an elegant yet inviting display that calls you in to see the jewelry up close and personal. The patterned background wall and added light fixture really helps to set the mood.  And the mirror is essential display item for any retailer that sells jewelry.  Then on the lower right picture features an Oilily scarf with a fantasy style mannequin head display.  With the bright colors of the silk flowers and butterflies, we are drawn in simple by the sense of whimsy it creates. We can not help, but to investigate more and see what this display is all about.


10933753_10153002891453879_102950419368872314_nBalance is key when displaying multiple printed items such as the Oilily handbags as featured in the left picture.  Adding in a piece or two that is more solid in design helps your eye to focus on the entire display.  You are able to see each individual item versus one big display of patterns.

IMG_0194Capitalize on the space that you have available.  Body torso forms a great alternative to full body mannequins and for those stores with limited floor space. But more importantly, they tend to be much less expensive than mannequins.  Here in the All For Color space in the OneCoast Atlanta showroom, they feature their Prescot Lane Tunic Dress. Utilize these types of hanger on a side panel well or at the front of a floor rack. Clothing items need to be featured on a display item in order to enhance the details, but to also show off the style, cut, and fluidness of the garment.

But we don’t stop there!  Check out some other great display and merchandising ideas for the season from fellow retailers on the OneCoast Facebook page “Our Retailer Friends” album.