Spring Time Surprises!

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” – Ancient Proverb

Here are 10 tips to throwing a Spring Time Surprises event in your store.

  1. Your Theme:  Spring Time Surprises!
    • We’ve all made it through another cold winter!  It’s time to say good bye to old man winter and hello to warmer days!
  2. Make your party FUN!!!
    • Pass out a Daffodil or a Daisy to all who enter! This is an inexpensive reminder of what is right around the corner- warmer weather, flowers, longer days and a chance to spend more time outdoors.
    • Lighten up the store with flowers and softer colors!
    • Pull displays together to promote the upcoming better weather- entertaining pieces in acrylic, beach gear, gardening items.
    • Post Think Spring reminders throughout your store- “only 36 days until the first day of spring” or “who do you know with a spring birthday?”…you get the idea.
  3. Music:
    • The music should reflect your theme. A great season to celebrate rebirth & new life. Pop music is the perfect accompaniment.
    • “Spring Fever” – Elvis
    • “Beautiful Day” – U2
    • “Here Come the Sun” – Beatles
    • “Daydream” – Lovin’ Spoonful
    • “Feelin’ Groovy” – Simon & Garfunkel
    • “it’s a Beautiful Morning” – The Rascals
  4. Drinks & Appetizers:
    • Jelly beans, carrot cake, brightly decorated cookies
    • Cupcakes are always in style- go light in decorating colors
    • Pastel-colored M & Ms
    • Fresh veggies and herb dip
    • Fruit punch, lemonade or iced tea
  5. Give Away ideas:
    • Daffodils
    • hand out a plant
    • seed packets
    • a small party favor bag with jelly beans to everyone
  6. Prize Drawings:
    • Create a gift basket with a spring theme- sell $1 raffle tickets, donate the proceeds
    • A springtime centerpiece of fresh flowers adds to the festive feel of your event AND doubles as a prize at the end of the day
    • Any item in your store with a springtime or warmer weather use- gardening gloves, trowel, beach towel, flip flops
    • A Gift card to your store, to be used on a repeat visit
  7. Partner up with a charity or community service
    • Anything with a beautification theme- adopt a park, highway, etc.
    • Sponsor a ‘walk’ for a cause- most are held in spring and better weather
    • Community food bank or vegetable gardening project to feed the homeless
    • Local Garden Club, (someone with a membership to help promote the event)
    • Arbor Foundation, Wildlife Foundation, Bird Watchers
    • HINT: Tying your event to a charity can give you great PR. Inform your local TV channels, newspapers, radio stations and invite them to your event
  8. Promotions
    • Promote anything with a floral motif
    • Don’t forget to showcase your best gift ideas for all the upcoming spring occasions- spring break, mother’s day, graduations, all the upcoming birthdays, etc.
    • Give a discount for anything spring or warmer weather related- gardening items, beach bags, flops, towels,
  9. Something extra special:
    • Get a government official (mayor, city council member, etc.) to make an appearance to plant a tree out front – most of the time all you have to do is ask
    • Have a local gardener come and give planting tips.
    • Invite a specialist in flower arranging, cooking or some other skill that would be of interest to your customers to give demonstrations.
  10. Marketing
    • Send an e-mail blast to your customer base inviting them to the event with a special offer for them and their friend (Great word of mouth advertising)
    • Ask another local business to help get the word out to their customers, in return for advertizing their products or services
    • Invite your local media to the event
    • Send pictures and a write up of your event to your local media
    • Gather emails from your guests, they’ll want an invitation to your next event!