Ask Us: Moving Older Product

askus2lWe received a great question from a retailer using our “Ask Us” program!

Q: Has anyone ever had success in sending back a product that would not sell in their store?

A: Questions regarding products that are not selling needs to be addressed to that particular vendor. They may be able to offer up some options for you, but we definitely recommend you first contact the vendor first before attempting to send any product back to them.

Additionally, get your Territory Manger or Sales Rep involved as well. They too can help with suggestions on sell-thru, merchandising tips or marketing ideas. They are involved in the products on a daily basis and can be a great deal of knowledge when it comes to helping with slow moving merchandise.

Lastly, we suggest you check on the “Out With The Old, In With The New” article that provides tips and ideas on moving merchandise out especially slow movers.

Keep the questions coming!