Cause Marketing | Why Should You Do It?

Remember when we all started seeing videos plaster all over social media of, at the time, crazy people dumping ice water on their heads, unshaven men for a whole month and pink everywhere? Needless to say, it was all for a good cause. Those crazies dumping water on their heads were raising money and challenging others to do the same for ALS. Pink ribbons, bows, shirts, shoes, tech cases and just about everything else is that color to raise awareness for breast cancer. Those unshaven men are working toward a world free of prostate cancer. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is cause marketing?

Cause marketing refers to a type of marketing involving the coorperative efforts of a for profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.

You don’t have to carry around ice water all day or try to grow a beard, you can simply start something in your store. For example, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am sure that there are a few pink items floating around somewhere that a display could be made. Make a small sign that says “Part of this purchase will be donated to [breast cancer awareness organization].”Pink ribbon

If there is no pink to be found, there is always an option to be a “drop-point” for lids. During the month of October, Yoplait puts pink lids on their yogurt cups that can be collected, turned in and $.10 be donated to breast cancer research.

Another “color” cause marketing in (RED). This started to raise awarneess for HIV/AIDS. Leading manufacturers like Apple, Square, Starbucks and Bed Bath and Beyond, just to name a few, are all involved. They donate a portion of theirs of any (RED) product to fight against HIV/AIDS.

These are just a few of the national ones. There is a laundry list of causes to get involved in. Find your passion, find a cause local/national and get involved!

Why should you do it?

Cause marketing doesn’t have to cost you anything. Plus, it makes you feel good!

You can get your employees and even customers involved in the fun!

I mean, a few members of the OneCoast team got a little crazy with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!