Color Trends for Fall 2014

The color trends for Fall 2014 are quite unique. According to Pantone, the global authority on color, this season we will see exotic, artful, and imaginative color ways bursting with so much life. It’s the season for bold colors and we’ve picked just a few of our favorite colors for Fall. From head to toe and everything in between, incorporate these colors in your store. And remember, it’s not just for fashion. These colors translate into our everyday items as well from stationary and personal care items to home décor and entertaining. So let’s get started.

Drink in this rich, vibrant color of the season. The hot Sangria color is a great compliment to Aurora Red.

Bold and exotic, Aurora Red blushes with hints of faraway lands. Adventure awaits with this fearless color of the season.

Radiant Orchid returns adding a wonderful, calm feeling to the season. Adding to the spectrum of the color wheel for Fall, this amazing color coincides well with the reds, browns, blues and greens.

Dignity and confidence awaits with Royal Blue. With a splash of excitement, this color is a great standalone color or mix for a unified look.

Misted Yellow is a warm, luscious color for Fall. With its cheerful, bright rays of hope, we see this color melding well with other Fall colors for a rich look.

Robust and energetic, Cypress pairs very well with Radiant Orchid and Misted Yellow for the season. It exhibits a dynamic statement and a strong sense of confidence.

A beautiful, neutral and gorgeous color for Fall, Cognac illuminants class. Autumn is truly here by adding this deluxe color to your mix of fashion accessories and home décor.