Buy Me: 5 Quick Tips to Get that Impulse Purchase

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Are you capturing all your customers 5 senses? Here are some tips to help you and your staff get that additional item added onto your customer’s checkout. These tips focus on reaching all 5 senses with your customer. Impulse Buying is making a purchase of an item or two that we did not plan on buying in the first place. Sometimes it’s not easy to get that impulse buy from your customers and may take practice, but it can add so much more to your bottom line. So try these tips today:

Taste –Handing out free samples can help to sweeten the deal and it can make for an easy sale. Whether you are selling a new candy product or have a new line of wines, offer free tastes to your customers. Their tastebuds will doing the deciding.

See –Place an eye-catching small displayer at or near your checkout. Introduce the product line to each customer and point out the key features about it. And keep your display fully stocked and neat. Presentation is everything.

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Hear – Talk with each customer that comes in your door. Welcome them and let them hear about new products that have arrived or maybe you have a new sale going on. You don’t have to be pushy, but friendly. Remember…they came in your store for something. Talk to them and find out what brought them in. In listening to your customers speak, you might learn where you can “add” on that extra item.

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Smell – Do you sell candles or bath and body products in your stores? Then make sure you have your samples out for customers to smell like lotions and perfumes. If you have candles, go ahead and light one. And change up which scents you light occasionally, especially at the start of each new season. Customers are draw to scents and these items can be easy sells.

Touch – Get your customers engaged with a product especially if you have a new product. Hand them the item and let them check it out for themselves. They may find an instant connection with that item and want to take it home that day.