The Story Behind That’s All

ta3The beginning….in Karen’s own words:

We started writing these cards when I had to stay with my sister in the hospital to help with her ovarian cancer. She was very sick and uncomfortable. I would sleep on the couch in her room every night because our family wanted her to know that we would never allow her to go through this alone. Over the months we would take turns and this was my time.

We were in the hospital a couple of times for 5 -10 days, so we became close with the nursing staff. Late at night the nurses would line up outside our hospital room and I would tell them their fortunes from a card and book set I found at the mall. My sister would lie in her bed shaking her head that she could not believe what I was doing and smile.

I couldn’t control which cards the nurses would choose nor could I manipulate their corresponding fortunes in the book. I would read these awful things that would happen to them and then look at my sister with a look of horror. She would then turn the fortune around and put a positive spin on it. I would smile, inside feeling incredibly grateful for her tact, turn to the nurse, and say, “That’s all”. Then they would laugh. Sometimes, I’d be reading fortunes at the nurse’s station until 5:00 am.

My sista2ter and I started using “That’s all” after everything we said. “You have cancer”. “That’s all”. For some reason, under the stress of her situation we found this to be really funny. An odd thing to laugh about, but funny.

And that’s when it happened. In the cancer wing, in a room right above the nursery, on the maternity floor below, “That’s All” greeting cards were born.

“There are times in life when you need to spin tall tales with fancy language and fluffy phrases.” says Karen. “This collection is not for those times. That’s All is about cutting to the chase and finding humor in our everyday lives.” That’s why a portion of all our proceeds from the That’s All collection go to the fight against ovarian cancer. “We promise to never stop our fight against cancer, and we also promise to never beat around the bush.

With the partnership of Santa Barbara Design Studio, That’s All has expanded beyond greeting cards. Today, the witty, humorous sayings of That’s All can be found on ceramic mugs, magnets, wall signs and much more.

About Karen:

Karen Rosenzweig, founder of That’s All Greetings, has brought her sharp wit and humor to a collection of gifts sure to make you laugh… and possibly even cry! With the promise to never stop the fight against cancer (with a portion of all proceeds donated to the fight against ovarian cancer, in loving memory of her sister), Karen’s mission is to “Tell it like it is” and she does!