Get the Lolita Look!

Lolita is so much fun! Make sure that same enthusiam and wow is exhibited in your store displays. The holidays are just a few short months away. Why not dedicate one holiday tree to the Lolita look! Here in C.R. Gibson’s showroom (Right), they display one white tree next to a unit filled with Lolita product. Decorate the tree in the Lolita colors of pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow ornaments and ribbons. Top it off with white lights to enhance the mood.

Merch1Merch2Left, Santa Barbara Design Studio painted one entire wall in Lolita’s pink color to really help her logo and product pop! The bright, fun, contrasting color will really help add piazzaz to your store and will draw your customers into the area. With so much excitement, who can resist?

In the lower left image, C. R. Gibson created an end unit display using Lolita’s acrylic drinkware. With the brightly painted wall and with the pink accent desk, they have pulled together a look that’s hard to miss. Take it one step further and paint picture frames in Lolita’s accent colors of yellow, blue and pink. Frame up the products to make the whole display pop.

Finally, we have one last tip. Do you have the Lolita Light Up Acrylic drinkware from C.R. Gibson? If so, make sure and turn those babies on! You don’t have to turn them all on, but select one or two glasses specifically for display only. Show your customers how it works and watch sales soar.