Let’s Talk Jewelry Trends for Spring 2014

Jewelry lovers will love Spring 2014! This season is all about eye-catching, fresh-looking and meaningful jewelry that allows us to truly be who we are. And show it off in a big way! Here are some of our favorite must-haves accessories that will add a little something special to your wardrobe.

Spread Your Wings

The buzz is all around! Insects and birds take flight as adornments to our jewelry pieces for Spring. From bracelets and charms, to necklaces and rings, these little critters are a must-have for the season. 

Get the Skinny on Bracelets

Multiple layers of skinny bracelets and bangles are the way to go for Spring. Create the look by stacking all the same metal or mix it up! Try layering on a variety of different bangles and bracelets to create a unique look.  

Meaningful Messages

Words of encouragement, hope and love was speaking volumes this season. Make a statement with these statement pieces that include bracelets, necklaces and even rings.  

Linked to the Possibilities

Linked bracelets and necklaces are the hottest trends. Personalize your piece by added charms to complete your total look. 

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