Jewelry Event: It’s What Girls Want

Hosting a jewelry event in your store can be a lot of fun. We all love jewelry so why not host an event around that! By hosting an event, you are developing a “brand awareness” about your store and your selection. But it all starts with some preplanning and a whole bunch of creativity. Create a buzz around your store that will get your customers excited and want to be a part of your celebration. Read the below checklist to gain tips and suggestions on hosting your next jewelry event.

#1 Determine your theme and main objective for your event: Are you looking to join forces with a local charity or develop your own theme around a holiday or special anniversary (ie…number of years in business?). Or maybe it’s just time to have a good time with your customers and staff while selling your products. Below are some theme ideas to help you get started:

  • Seasonal Trends Event – Host an event while highlighting the top seasonal trends in jewelry and fashion. Get the latest trends by checking out top consumer magazines like InStyleor Vogue. Invite a representative from the company to be on hand to showcase the products and help sell!
  • Meet the Designer Event – Do you sell exclusive jewelry lines in your store? Invite the designer for a meet and greet event where your customers can meet the designer behind the jewelry.
  • Passion for Jewelry Event – Girls love jewelry and sometimes we don’t need a reason to shop for jewelry. Create a fun, just because event about the love of jewelry. Other themes include: An Evening with Bling and Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun. Maybe partner up with a local spa or salon that can offer manicures to show off their new jewelry purchases.
  • Bling Out for a Good Cause – Partner up with a local charity or organization. Offer up a percentage of your total sales to go towards the organization and encourage your customers to make donations.

#2 Develop your marketing plan: Your marketing plan should include many different components. Include in your plan the following:

  • Email marketing (e-blasts)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Printed materials (flyer and invitations)
  • Advertising (Ad in local newspaper and publication)

Market your event early on and often as you get closer to the date. Schedule the event on your Facebook event page and invite your followers to RSVP. Print off flyers and place one in each bag a few weeks before the event. Schedule your e-blast a month or two before the event and then do a reminder e-blast a week before. Post your flyers throughout your community and ask area retailers to post a flyer in their window. Connect with your local media (radio and/or television) to help spread the word about your event.

#3 Get your supply list of together: Put together a list of the supplies you need in order to host your event. Things to keep in mind are as followed:

  • Menu: What will you serve for food? Remember, you do not have to feed an army. You are to provide a nice light sampling of appetizers and munchies. Also, what are the beverages? Maybe partner up with a local restaurant, bakery or caterer to provide the food. They may be willing to offer a discount if they can promote their business during your event.
  • Serving supplies: You will need paper tableware, napkins, paper cuts and plastic ware. Use the serving pieces and supplies that you sell in your store. Additionally, you will also want a few decorations to help set the mood of your event.
  • Music: Are you offering live music or a CD. Select music based on your theme.
  • Giveaway: Plan on doing a giveaway during your event. Have plenty of entry forms during the event and encourage your customers to enter. Make sure you always ask for basic information like name, address and phone, but you will also need their email address and birthday date. This is all good information to build your customer database. After you contact the winner, you will want to post the winner’s name on your Facebook page and website.
  • Promotions: Are you planning any special discount or gift with purchase? Promotions are great ways to entice your customers to buy. Do you offer free gift wrapping?
  • Staff: Schedule extra help on the day of your event, but also the days before to help you get ready.

#4 Develop your merchandising and display layouts: Determine how your event will be laid out. Plan where your food and refreshments will be positioned. Map out your merchandising tables and how the displays will look. Set up your windows and front displayers that focus on your “theme” of the event. Set up your table the day before the big event so that you make adjustments if needed and have plenty of time to do that.

Finally, enjoy the party! This is your opportunity to show your customers how much you love them and appreciate their business.