Red Hot Display Ideas

Book Lovers Unite
Here’s one clever display idea that has a happy ending.  In Beaucoup Designs, they featured their new Adjustable necklaces using a variety of old hardcover books both on the end unit and shelf.  Each necklace is draped along opened pages giving a timeless, antiqued look.
Woodsy Wonder
Mud Pie constructed an earthy display featuring their new children’s collection. They incorporated evergreen trees as their backdrop with moss covering the platforms.  This particular woodsy theme would be great to feature not only apparel, but your outdoor products or household items as well.  TIP:This is an easy transition into the holiday season when using the moss and evergreens.  Decorate your trees with ornaments and cover the platforms in “snow”.
Ceilings with Delight
With the beautiful selection of C.R. Gibson holiday greeting cards, these are not meant to remain in their boxes. Try this fantastic idea to showcase your greetings cards by hanging cards from your ceiling with decorative colored ribbon that gives a striking look and don’t’ forget to stagger the lengths of ribbon.
Towels that Talk
Mud Pie has a new collection of creative towels this season that just screams to be opened up and read! Create a wall display of towels by opening up each one and mounting them directly to the wall to create a strong focal point. Be sure and hang some on the wall or display some product near a side table for a quick purchase.
Take a Seat
Here is one of our favorite displays out of the Atlanta showroom this month.  Beaucoup Designs got crafty with three chairs.  They directly moved each one to the corner of the wall and incorporated frames jewelry cases to show off individual pieces. Your eyes are instantly drawn from top to bottom making for one eye-catching display.