Top Merchandising Tips from the Atlanta Show

Inspiration was all around us at the OneCoast showroom during the Atlanta Winter 2013 show.  There were many eye catching displays that we would like to share with you right now.  Here are just a few of our favorite finds.
Mud Pie
Small merchandising ideas can make a big impact.  In Mud Pie, they featured their Circa Style Mug & Spoon collection hanging by S hooks from a metal towel rod (below left).  Free up your table space and bring your mugs to the wall.  For enchantment under the sea, drape fishing net around your table to showcase your nautical pieces (below right).
Mirror, mirror on the wall, don’t forget to have one around.  Create an area in your store for your fashion scarves and accessories with a mirror.  Your customers will love playing “dress up” that can help lead to a quick sale (below right). How about your floors?  Create interest and whimsy by applying large adhesive stickers to the floors of your store and be sure to tie in the “theme” of each section (below left).
C.R. Gibson
Utilize your product whenever you can within your displays.  In C.R. Gibson, we found three great examples. First, they featured the jill mcdonald kid puzzle collection on floating shelves along with mounting directly to the wall one complete puzzle (below left). Next, the new Dena umbrella pieces are opened and are hanging from the ceiling creating a colorful display (below right).
Lastly, with the new Cid Pear playing cards, each beautifully designed card set is displayed directly to the wall just above the product showcasing all the pieces within each collection (below).
Natural Life
In Natural Life, we love the use of natural products used throughout their showroom.  Our favorite features one long branch hanging from the ceiling with rope.  Then they draped their new Bohemian scarves/headwrap collections from the branch and even hung one banner poster as well to bring the collection together. (below).
Lindsay Phillips
The use of a lattice wall as featured in Lindsay Phillips serves as two purposes.  First, it allows you to create a focal wall.  Second, it allows you to display your products in a fun way.  Below, Lindsay Phillips features their new Cover ups for Spring 2013 hanging directly from coat hooks that have been mounted to the wall.  Paint the back wall a bright, vibrant color and mount white lattice with a white frame around to create a finished, fresh spring look.
Check out all the wonderful displays from our vendors in the OneCoast showroom by visiting our Facebook page – Winter 2013 Atlanta Showroom album.