Holiday Hues: 5 Color Schemes to Make Your Store Stand Out

The holiday season is coming up fast and that means it is time to start thinking about your store displays. Color can have a major impact on how your customer’s react to your store. It is important to choose a color pallet that best reflects the appropriate customer reactions. Below are some color schemes to help spark some inspiration:

All is Bright:

Vibrant shades of bubble gum pink, cherry red and plum accented with metallic silver creates a unique and feminine color scheme that is sure to turn heads.

Red is known to stimulate excitement in shoppers. Use it minimally to draw attention to specific items in your store. When paired with pink and purple it can create a sense of imagination and creativity that will inspire your customers.

Traditional Tidings:

Forest green and kelly green adorned with deep crimson with hints of metallic gold stir up warm memories of holiday tradition. You can never go wrong with this classic.

Green can be used to promote the feeling of stability and can also be calming. When coupled with a deeper shade of red it can create a sense of comfort, warmth and peace. Since this combination is a classic it can also spark comforting memories of holiday traditions.


Dashing all the Way:

Fresh hues of avocado and pale green with steel blue accents combined with hints of matte silver create a modern twist for a winter wonderland.

This color pallet of brighter, more saturated shades of green can create the feeling of whimsy. When paired with blue it is a friendly and welcoming combination to make your customers feel both inspired and comfortable. The silver acts as a neutral to help balance out the brighter shades.

Coastal Chic:

Muted shades of umber, sand, smoky blue and taupe gray create a calming motif that is inspired by winter at the sea.

Sooth your customers with subdued shades of blue that can stimulate calm feelings. While brown is also known to be calming, it also can have a very elegant appeal. When paired together this color scheme can be very comforting and promote relaxation during a stressful holiday season.

Merry & Bright:

Lively shades of peacock blue, sky blue, cardinal red and metallic silver pair together to create a trendy and current color scheme. This mismatched combination complements each other in a quirky and stylish fashion that can make your store stand out in the crowd.

The use of red in its purest form to create a bold accent that can lead your customer’s eye to your store. Paired with the different shades of blue it is a cheerful choice that blends the perfect amount of warm and cool tones. Use this modern combination to promote liveliness and joy.