Mud Pie Merchandising Minute

Make any one of a number of stylish and fashionable Fashion statements in your store this fall with simply fabulous (key words: simple AND fabulous!) merchandising and display tips.  What a professional look you can create to dazzle customers with just a few inexpensive, repurposed items found at your local grocery, hardware or craft store – or better yet, maybe even your own storage or stock room! Presentation is everything … when it looks great it sells even better!
Pick and choose your look(s) using any of 7 different items and ideas:
  • GLASS CYLINDER VASES (found ours at Target – approximately 8” diameter, 16” tall)
  • COLORFUL SERVING TRAYS (found ours at West Elm in several sizes, depths and every color of the rainbow. Rumor has it TJMaxx, Marshalls and Big Lots have them too!)
  • BATHROOM TOWEL RINGS (found ours at Walmart and Home Depot)
  • METAL TOWEL BARS (found ours at Ikea but check Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowe’s or Ace Hardware)
  • WIRE or WICKER BALLS (found ours at Garden Ridge and a local resale fixture shop)
  • CHROME T-STANDS (found ours at a display resale shop – you probably already have one or two!)
  • BIRCH BRANCHES (found ours at local wholesale floral supply)
  • FAKE SNOW (found ours at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby)
Then get started!
Right side up: Fill glass cylinder with artificial snow.  Top cylinder with any fashion headwear:  berets, aviators or hats of any kind. Twist neckwear around cylinder base for a fresh alternative to the fiberglass neck and head display-house form. Line up several for dramatic effect.
Upside down: Surround glass cylinder (filled or unfilled) with any number of fashion items:  ear warmers, ear muffs, headbands.
Sideways: Glass cylinder opening should be large enough for a customer to reach part way inside. Scatter anything fairly small: bracelets, necklaces, headbands, change purses, earrings, key chains, wallets … halfway into cylinder spilling out onto display table.
Shallow wooden serving trays are the perfect vehicle for laying out a color or pattern array of like items in a compact, organized and user friendly way!  They’re great for showcasing often messy-to-display soft good items such as gloves, scarves, wraps or underwear. Work equally well for multiple type products like cosmetic cases, tablet sleeves and assorted travel accessories.
Towel rings work beautifully as the perfect place to loop a scarf, hang a wrap or wrap a Snood!* Purchase the type that can stand alone on a flat surface or choose to mount several of the wall versions to the side of a table or on a board hung to a display wall.  It’s a cinch for customers to not only see the product, but to try it on and put it back (because SOME customers still do that!!).
Towel bars on the other hand are terrific too.  Easily mountable and wide enough to display a number of items at once, a towel bar (or café curtain rod will also do the trick) can be mounted on a wall or table permanently or temporarily with just a couple of small screws.
*What the heck’s a Snood you ask? Check them out at!
Keep your eyes peeled for spherical (wow, cylindrical, spherical … all in the same article … how geometry-ish!!) pieces you can use as displayers for ear warmers, headbands, scarves … anything with a little stretch to it! We’ve seen wicker “balls” of all sizes, large blown glass “balls,” wire “balls,” and even ceramic “balls” that can do the trick.  Be especially on the lookout now as Christmas ornaments appear in every craft and hobby store. The largest versions are a perfect size, they are inexpensive, come in a zillion patterns, colors and textures … and they don’t break!  Let your imagination run wild.
Instead of draping or hanging something over the arms of this staple fashion fixture – clasp a clutch around each of the bars and use it as a centerpiece to your display.   Super-simple and very dramatic. Four different clutch type bags are a perfect fit and they are easy on/easy off!!
This one might be the most difficult to locate but call or surf around to floral wholesalers in your area and these won’t be hard to find.  Cut birch poles to desired lengths and mount wherever you want your products displayed. The natural curve of the branches should pull the poles far enough from the wall to hook items around them – specifically necklaces, bracelets, belts, handbags or headbands.  Just be sure to mount your poles in the center (not on the ends) if you want to be able to slide items off and on for easy try-on and selling.  Also be very cautious about using birch poles to display anything knit as the bark and imperfect wood grain is bound to snag textiles.
In many areas the THOUGHT of snow is often more welcome than the actual product or weather event! Still, there’s nothing like a dusting of the white stuff to trigger a little holiday spirit!  And the pretend version is just fine! Scatter a handful or pile of sparkly fake flakes in and around any of your window or table displays for just the right toasty (!) winter touch.   And the best news — YOU get to be Mother Nature — and can choose when you want your personal winter to end!!  Sweep up the snow, throw it away and declare it Spring!
Fall Fashion Fun!  Create on!