Mud Pie Merchandising Minute



Did you know that the mirror image of MOM is WOW? How appropriate is that!?!
This Mother’s Day let that very message be the sentiment and “theme” of your retail display.
It’s a simple statement that can work with any and all merchandise – from stationery to slippers, beach bags to cover-ups.  And it will make an impact.
Here’s how you can make it work!
  1. Find two or three “fancy” picture frames.  Thrift stores have an assortment galore – and the price is right! Choose sizes that work with the scale of your store and the display you are creating.  Frames do not need to have glass in them but they do need to have a backing – but you can make that out of poster board or cardboard.
  2. Choose a look – let your imagination run wild.  Select a clean palette of all whites, two or three bright contrasting colors, a monochromatic color scheme or maybe a collection of metallics.
  3. Spray paint each frame and let them dry thoroughly.
  4. Next, measure the area you have for an image inside each frame.
  5. Choose one or all of the “Mom Messages” from the pdf’s included here – or use your imagination to create your own.  You may have to enlarge or reduce the artwork depending on the sizes of your frame openings but your local print shop or Kinkos can do that easily.
  6. If you do choose to create your own message, be sure that one of them includes the date for Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 13th.  Since the date changes each year, it is a very helpful reference for busy shoppers.
  7. Cut white poster board or cardboard to fit backs of frames. 
  8. Affix your printed images to the poster board backings.  Spray adhesive works best and keeps paper from wrinkling.
  9. Secure images and backings in place with staples or packing tape.
  10. Arrange and prop frames on the table or shelf where your Mother’s Day items will be featured.  You may even use fishing line or monofilament to dangle one or two frames from the ceiling above your display if your ceiling height allows.
  11. This will be a colorful, fun and special shout out to those mom-customers shopping in your store!
Click on each of the below to download your copy to use in your store:
Heard that before?  We all have!!
So use this next idea as a play on that never ending plea to stay in touch!!
  1. Gather two or three – and this pains me to say it — “old” style phones!!  Not the crank type from black and white movies mind you – the kind you well remember in your very own house before the cell phone invasion!  If you can find a rotary dialer – fabulous.  But any touch tone or Princess type is fine.  Thrift stores are your best friend here!  Phones should cost no more than a couple dollars each.
  2. Choose a color for each of the phones.  Brights, whites, stripes … let your imagination run wild!
  3. Wipe the phones off with a clean cloth and spray paint away.  Be sure to cover the curly cord – it may take a couple of coats.  Dry thoroughly.
  4. Position the different phones in and around your Mother’s Day product presentation.  The size scale of phones works best with smaller items — boxed stationery, coffee mugs, tumblers, picture frames, candles etc.
  5. Use acrylic risers or stacks of phone books (check your nearest Recycling Center for freebies!) to vary the levels of the telephones.
  6. Depending on your store’s ceiling height, fishing line or monofilament can be used to dangle a phone or just the receiver and cord above your display.  Use your imagination!
  7. Add a ‘CALL YOUR MOTHER’ speech bubble (see attached or make your own) hung from fishing line or tucked into your display to drive the message home even more!  Copy and glue the speech bubble(s) to poster or foam board for stability.
  8. And the most important step — don’t forget that when you get done with this project – call your mother!!
Click on each of the below to download your copy to use in your store: