Sizzling Display Ideas Abound

Here are some retailers who would like to share their HOT merchandising displays ideas with you. Let’s begin with Absolutely Fabulous in Huntington Beach, CA. Their dazzling wedding window display really showcases their products including Mud Pie in an elegant way. From crystals to glass vases to beading and flowers.


Time to talk sandals! Displayed here are Lindsay Phillips sandals on a tray filled with sea shells along with a vase filled with sand.

Check out these from Fancy That in San Marino, CA. They really thought outside the display box and created their own set-up. They took their Lindsay Phillips displayer apart and hung each side from the ceiling. By doing this, it allows them to free up floor space for a table top full of Lindsay Phillips shoes and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, take a look at this display idea from Giftology in Rockville Centre, NY. Mannequins are not just for displaying your apparel. Giftology got creative and dressed their mannequin up in scarves.

Get creative with boxes! Try this creative shelving option by mounting crates or wooden boxes directly to your wall. See the example that features C.R. Gibson’s Botanic Garden collection placing items within the boxes and side table. Finish the look by bringing in greenery for that outdoor feeling. Spring is here!


Saraboo Creek in Crest Hill, IL screams spring with large metal flowers within their garden-inspired window display and throughout their shop. Also, using large wooden letters help to showcase your theme.



Simply Rr’s in Dublin, OH showcases their Mud Pie baby pieces by incorporating plush and whimsical flowers.

It’s all about boy with this striking black display case that allows each item to really POP!

Get inspired by your products. Here we have a cute baby display using the Little Spout collection by Mud Pie. We have taken the image on the outfits and painted a motif on the wall creating a complete story.

Try this…take one collection and make a statement! This one comes from our showroom in Atlanta which features the Mud Pie Blue Paisley collection. Displaying your flop flops, hats and purses in exciting new ways are sure to make them stand out.