Marvelous Merchandising Ideas for Mother’ Day

By Marc Dudley, Director of Visual Merchandising


It is that time of year again to pay tribute to our mothers.  Whether your mother is a June Cleever type, a whistlers’ mother, an old mother hubbard, or just plain ‘mom’ we honor our Mothers on May 8th.
Here are some simple yet very attractive ideas to display your Mother’s Day merchandise:
  • Use vintage photos of mothers to add décor to the wall or table.
  • A manzanita branch can be attached to the wall or used as a free-standing center piece for hanging  bracelets or necklaces from Mud Pie or any other jewelry line.
  • Use minature dress forms for showcasing jewelry.
  • Family trees, or christmas card holders are great to use for selling stationery products or greeting cards.
  • Old picture frames, inserted with mesh fabric or window screening can be used for hanging earrings or necklaces.
  • Hold a contest in your store to identify the picture of famous women, such as whistlers mother, the queen mum, mother theresa, corretta scott king, and can you identify “mother nature” ?? (feel free to add more that you can think of…)
  • The contest for the grand prize is for your customer that can name the u s president that signed mother’s day into law   (answer: pres. woodrow wilson)
I hope these tips have started your merchandising juices flowing. As always, have fun and be creative.