Say “I Do” to a Wedding Event

As we embark on the busiest wedding months, capture the spirit of weddings in your stores by hosting a bridal event that your brides and customers will enjoy to be a part of. The event will help to create the buzz around your community and help position you as the bridal destination.

Why Host A Bridal Event? Here are a few facts on the Wedding Marketing Industry:

  • It’s a $50 Billion a year industry!
  • $20 Billion a year is spent on gifts alone!
  • It’s Recession Proof and a year round business!

Here are 10 Steps towards a great Bridal Event:

Your Theme: Select a theme that best suits your store and assortment of products. Selecting your theme will help in the decoration planning.Here are 10 Steps towards a great Bridal Event:

    1. Traditional
    2. Contemporary
    3. Elegant
    4. Modern
    5. Vintage
  1. Invitations: Send out Beautiful and Romantic invitations that include some product shots.
    1. Make it for couples, family and friends. Who knows, there may be another bride to-be in the group.
    2. Have guests RSVP to the event. This will allow you to plan your event with more ease.
    3. Pass invites out to customers coming into the store.
  2. Create The Mood: Give the Brides to Be and their guests the ultimate VIP treatment.
    1. Have employees dress up as the wait staff. This can be as simple as Black dress pants, black button down shirt and white apron.
    2. Have a dress code for guests; make them feel that they’re dressing up for something special, “no jeans”.
    3. Use the merchandise! Have snacks served on nice serving trays and platters that are for sale.
  3. Music: Plays an important part in the creation of the mood and helps people relax. Here are some great music selection ideas:
    1. ** Have your Brides-to-Be RSVP back with their wedding song**
      1. By collecting a gathering of your guests bridal songs will allow you to add a personal touch to their experience!
    2. Prelude Music, while guests are arriving:
      1. Canon in D (Pachelbel)
      2. Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
    3. Reception (or should I say “shopping”) Music Suggestions:
      1. In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
      2. Power of Love (Celine Dion)
      3. Unforgettable (Nat King Cole / Natalie Cole)
      4. Love is here to stay (Frank Sinatra)
      5. Always & Forever (Heatwave)
      6. Butterfly Kisses (Bob Carlisle)
      7. Top Wedding Songs CD’s (found anywhere CD’s are available for purchase)
  4. Drinks & Appetizers: Keep it light but fancy. Add garnish to trays to give it that added appeal.
    1. Cheese Trays
    2. Fruit Trays
    3. Finger Sandwiches
    4. Punch or Mimosa severed in Champagne glasses topped with fresh fruit.
    5. For Dessert, serve wedding cake or Italian pastries from a local bakery. Partner with the baker and advertise their services (they may throw in the food for a reduce cost).
  5. Door Prizes:
    1. Raffle off a prize for the Bride’s to Be and one for the Guests
      1. For Brides, raffle off a gift certificate or product from your store or a gift certificate to a local spa.
      2. For Guests, raffle off a gift certificate or product from your store, a nice candle or fragrance gift basket or a spa gift certificate.
  6. Partner with Bridal Services: Offer as many additional resources to create a bigger draw to your event and would most likely welcome additional advertising for themselves.
    1. Florists – Might donate a nice centerpiece arrangement
    2. Reception Halls – May donate some appetizers for the day.
    3. Travel Agents – May offer special honeymoon packages.
    4. DJ – May offer to play the music for the day of the event.
    5. Photographer – May offer their services to take photos that day.
      1. Whether it’s a local photographer or someone from your store, have someone take photos of your guests.
      2. Gather their email addresses and email them the photos after the event. This is a nice way to build your email address database.
  7. Promotions:
    1. Offer a discount to any brides registering in your store.
      1. Becoming a bridal registry destination is not as hard as you think, in fact, it’s simple.
      2. There are many on-line bridal registry software programs out there today. Google, bridal registry software today!
      3. Did you know that $20 BILLION is spent year round in bridal registry gifts?
  8. Something Extra Special:
    1. Have a top bridal consultant from your area give a talk on what he/she does and any advice he/she can offer brides.
  9. Marketing:
    1. Send e-blasts out to your customer database.
    2. Hand out invitations to customers, entering, leaving and purchasing in your store.
    3. Post Event signs throughout your store prior to the event.
    4. Invite local media the day of your event.
    5. Notify the local newspaper, town weeklies and local radio stations by sending a press release.