Create a Stunning Mother’s Day Display using few Simple Steps

By Marc Dudley, Director of Visual Merchandising

If you are doing your display window, or an in-store vignette, there are three things that you must ask yourself:

  1. What are you selling?
  2. What image are you projecting?
  3. Who is your customer?

You should know your store and customers like you know your mother.  Is she June Cleever or Donna Reed? Maybe Louise Jefferson, or Peg Bundy.  Or perhaps she is a combination of all.
Know what it is you are selling, to whom, and the image you want to portray.

Your seasonal vignette is in your store for a short time and should hit your customers the minute they enter the store, so placement is important.  Position the display where it can be seen immediately and also from the window if possible.

Your display should be eye-catching. What is it going to take to get your customer to notice this display and want to buy something? This can be achieved by the use of

  • Color and theme
  • Large, oversized props
  • Tall floral
  • Use of air space above

Building Your In-store table display for Mother’s Day

  1. Use a 36” round table (or a size that is appropriate for your store)
  2. Cover with a full, flowing, soft floral cloth.  Keep in mind that Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May when spring is in the air and the flowers are beginning to bloom.  Color is a welcome change to the dull of winter. Color is your friend…don’t be afraid of using it.
  3. On top of the table, add a solid color square cloth that extends approximately  8 to 12 inches over the edge.  Choose a color that will coordinate with the floral underskirt and will complement your product.
  4. In order for your product to be seen clearly, use risers for different levels.  Make sure all the merchandise can be easily seen, touched, and purchased.  Here are some ideas on creating your own risers
    • coordinated hat boxes
    • flower pots (either clay or painted) 
    • product boxes (your store boxes or simply wrap boxes with colorful paper)
    • Stacks of books especially if you sell them in the store. Not only is this eye-catching, but this also adds color and serves a purpose.  
    • Use different sizes and heights and be creative. 
    • Use a tall vase of silk flowers to add height to the table.  Forsythia, cherry blossom, quince, or dogwood are good silk stems to use and readily available in spring.  Simply put several tall stems in a clear cylindrical vase and place on the table.  Usually stems that are 3 to 4 feet in height work well and can be very dramatic.
    • Choose your merchandise and place on the levels and on the table so that everything can be seen easily.  
  5. Tell a story with the product and group the items so that they work together, and can produce multiple sales. 
  6. Put a picture frame and a pair of candle holders together, or group a bowl of potpourri with a decorative vase.
  7. Utilize your air space to the fullest.  Too often air space is overlooked.  This can be achieved with signage: 
    • Signage in the shape of a ladies hat or a purse
    • Signage in the shape of a greeting card that simply states date of Mother’s Day or “don’t forget mom” or “thank you, mom”.

Most importantly, don’t allow the color, floral, or props to overpower the display.  It must all work together to enhance the product that you are selling.

Just remember mother— how beautifully stylish she is;  always together and coordinated from her hat, pearls, gloves, down to her seemed stocking and heels washing the dishes… or in her peg-legged stretch pants, leopard crop top and biker boots as she mounts her Harley and heads into the sunset on May 9th, Mother’s Day.

Be creative and remember that you are only limited to your own imagination!