Celebrate Mother’s Day with an In-Store Event

1. Your  Theme:  A Salute to Mom!  Mother’s Day is a time to recognize mom and acknowledge her contribution in our lives.  The month of May brings us the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the unique occasion called Mother’s Day.

2. Make your party FUN!!!

  • Post mother’s best advice throughout your store: ‘don’t run with scissors’, ‘eat your vegetables’, ‘look both ways before you cross the street’- This is sure to bring a smile to your customers, and it’s still good advice today.
  • Ask a local elementary school class to draw pictures of their moms and write what they love most about them. Frame the works in inexpensive frames and post throughout the store. These results are sure to be charming and provide some fun viewing for all.  Pick a winner and award the child’s mom a gift card to your store. You are sure to have a customer for life.

3. Music:

  • The music should reflect your theme. Here are some suggestions:
    • Mama Mia by ABBA
    • Mama I Love You by The Spice Girls
    • Thank you Mom by Good Charlotte
    • The Best Day by Taylor Swift
    • Your Mama Don’t Dance and Your Daddy Don’t Rock ‘N Roll by Loggins & Messina
    • Mama I’m Coming Home by Ozzie Osbourne
    • In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride
    • Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon
    • I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera

4. Drinks & Appetizers:

  • Veggies & dip, cheese & crackers- easy finger food, mom would appreciate.
  • Fresh Fruit skewers , easy & healthy
  • Chocolate chip cookies- fresh baked, like mom used to make
  • Lemonade and Iced Tea

5. Give Away ideas:

  • A single flower stem presented to each mom who enters the store- daisies or daffodils are affordable. Carnations are inexpensive and are associated with Mother’s Day.
  • A small living plant for all moms
  • Any special treat- a decadent truffle or chocolate dipped strawberry to each mom making a purchase
  • A small frame, charm, spa product, tied with ribbon for added value – contact your best reps for donations & contributions

6. Prize Drawings:

  • A luxurious basket loaded with some of your best products- contact your reps & local services (salons, spas, masseuse, etc) for contributions
  • Gourmet food basket
  • Winner of the drawing wins a gift card to your store for their next visit

7. Promotions

  • Promote gifts for Mom – personal care, fashion accessories or personalized gifts etc.
  • Pull displays together by price point and by theme – entertaining, gardening, fashion accessories, etc.
  • Give a discount on multiple buys and companion product – buy the robe, get a discount on the slippers purchase.  You get the idea
  • Buy two, get one free accomplishes two goals- You move product and your customers benefit from the great buys

8. Something extra special: Moms deserve a little pampering, and don’t always get it.

  • Offer 15 minute massages by a local spa – Remember,  mom’s job is hectic and stressful
  • Set up manicure and pedicure stations if room allows. Partner up with the local salon/beauty school.

9. Marketing

  • Create event flyers and insert them into every customer’s bag at purchase
  • Send an e-mail blast to your customer base inviting them to the event with a special offer for them and a friend (Great word of mouth advertising and you could double your traffic.)
  • Ask them to print the eblast and bring to the event or mention the invitation to be eligible for a special discount, treat, gift, etc.  This allows you to track the effectiveness of your emarketing.
  • Post your event on Community Bulletin Board and your local hot spots
    • Local Coffee Shops
    • Local Restaurants
  • Invite your local media to the event

10. Partner up with a charity

  • Any women’s or children’s charity
  • Local Garden Club (someone with a membership can help promote the event)
  • May is associated with Breast Cancer Walks, contact your local chapter.  Customers can sign up for a BC walk, or pledge money. You can give a portion of the day’s proceeds to the cause.
  • HINT: Tying your event to a charity can give you great PR. Inform your local TV channels, newspapers, radio stations and invite them to your event.

11. Set your event apart:

  • This will take some pre-planning, but will help ‘hype’ your event. Run a Mother’s Day Contest among your customers.  Start in advance of your event by asking for essays in 100 words or less stating why their mom is special.  Make it fun and announce the winner on event day. A pre-selected panel will read the entries and vote. The prize can be one of the gift baskets, and a store gift card- or even a gift certificate to a local spa (donated for the winner).
  • Don’t forget the spring gift giving season is upon us- Mothers, Dads, Grads, birthdays, & Weddings are your targets.  These occasions are ‘recession proof’. Be ready with your ‘silent sales person’ – the beautiful displays you put together.
  • If your store gift wraps, be sure you are ready with gift appropriate wrapping paper for all the possibilities.  Think about offering free gift wrap on event day or free with a minimum purchase.